US Motorpool – Part I

As mentioned in my reducing the stock and moving posts, I cut down on open projects. This affected among other projects Bolt Action. I merged some off the themed armies and sold the surplus, especially the vehicles.

I made a mindmap for the projects that will stay. And the Bolt Action armies, which will be set up in a way to be able to put to use in other systems as well, for example like Battlegroup, are:

Late War - Winter of 1944/45

Mid War - Desert and Jungle

  • Deutsches Afrikakorps
  • 8th Army
  • Chindits

Project Backlog

I went for the Empress line of Germans and US Americans sculpted by Paul Hicks for the late war conflict. As mentioned multiple times, I want at least two forces for each conflict I cover in my projects, to have both sides to play and be able to host games, independently of who wants to have game / join in.

The late war conflict forces should cover the fights between Northern France, Alsace, Belgium, Netherlands up to the most western parts of Germany (the greater area where I live at the Middle Rhine, between Cologne and Frankfurt / roughly Operation Lumberjack). This covers the British coming from Belgium/Netherlands, the Germans defending the Rhine and areas west from it, and the US Americans coming Normandy through the Northern Areas of France.

The infantry covers regular GIs and some Rangers/Engineers in winter clothing, supported by - depending on the battle / scenario - a couple of vehicles. The core is build around a trio of Shermans, because ... well it is the work horse of the Allied forces.

  • M4A2 (76mm) - (between 188 to 292 pts, Sandbags)
  • M4 (105mm) - (140 to 220 pts, cancelled thin sides due to side skirts)
  • M4A2 (76mm) - (188 to 292pts )
  • M26 Pershing / T26E4 Super Pershing (316 to 484 pts)
  • M18 Hellcat (124 to 186 pts), will receive a tarpaulin / canvas cover for the turret
  • M4A3E8 Easy-Eight (188 to 292 pts)
  • M8 Greyhound (88 to 132 pts, Recce)
  • M24 Chaffee (120 to  190 pts, Recce)
  • M8 Scott (112 to 140 pts)
  • 105mm HMC M7 "Priest" (128 to 192 pts), will receive a tarpaulin / canvas cover
  • Sherman ARV (77 pts, 96 pts, 115 pts,)

Bolt Action - US Army Motorpool Bolt Action - US Army Motorpool Bolt Action - US Army Motorpool Bolt Action - US Army Motorpool

But due to snow, mud and the cold, transports and tows are more important for this kind of force and that's something I'm lacking to some degree with the US forces. Two trucks and a M3A1 Half-track is what I currently own.

Bolt Action - US Army Motorpool

For that reason I stocked up on a few Rubicon kits, two M3A1 half tracks, a M3A1 scout car, the upgrade kit for the half tracks and a WC52 Beep.

Bolt Action - US Army Motorpool

  • Deuce 2 1/2t Truck (41 to 61 pts, capacity up to 18 soldiers)
  • M3 / M3A1 Half Track (79 to 119 pts, up to 12 soldiers)
  • M3A1 Scout (69 to 103, up to 8 soldiers)
  • Dodge 3/4t Truck aka WC52 Beep (25 to 37, (up to 8 soldiers)

I'll use one of the upcoming days to get them build.

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