Titans, pirates and the weekend

Busy week - published my review on the Nemesis Warbringer kit yesterday and completed the pictures for the upcoming review on the Manufactorum Imperialis terrain kit for Adeptus Titanicus.

Adeptus Titanicus - Nemesis Warbringer Titan with Quake Cannon Adeptus Titanicus - Manufactorum Imperialis


Tactica 2019 – Part 1

As teasered last week, I went to Tactica in Hamburg! As this was a prolonged weekend in the pearl of the north, my - better said our - trip started on friday late noon.

Hamburger Tactica 2019 Hamburger Tactica 2019


Tactica 2019 – Part 2

The coverage of Part 1 continues with the prominent guests of Tactica.

The twin brothers Michael and Alan Perry were at the show, sculpting, having a chat with the guests and even added one of the show miniatures. But they weren't alone, they had Aly Morrison (who sculpted the Great War Miniatures range) and Peter Dennis (artists of multiple box artworks, Osprey and Warlord Games published works, and of Peters Paperboys).

Hamburger Tactica 2019 Hamburger Tactica 2019


Tactica 2019 – Pleasant Anticipation!

It is actually happening! I'll be at Tactica in Hamburg for the first time! I've been to Hamburg multiple times, but never made it during february, when the well known German wargames show Tactica is hosted.

Hamburg - Miniaturwunderland 2016 Hamburg Hamburg

In 2016 we headed with a motley crew to Stahl auf der Heide, the open day of the tank museum at Munster.