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After a whole week in the no-hobby-zone of Basel (Nothing going on, and i mean nothing) I was really looking forward to the Painting and Gaming day at my FLGS CTU in Koblenz.

We have a strong warmachine gaming scene in Koblenz and so it was no wonder, that the German National Championship was one by one of us (congrats Robin!). But it wasn't all about gaming, there was painting as well, as the next Field of Glory Army from the albanian national Coach in the third picture shows.

CTU Koblenz CTU Koblenz CTU Koblenz

But on the battlefield were some amazingly painted miniatures as well, like the Menoth Battleforce from Hendrik. Respect, great work!

CTU Koblenz CTU Koblenz CTU Koblenz

Why did I go there? Painting and Gaming, of course! I had some of the markers to paint with me and a plan, to play my first Freebooters Fate match ever! What? Never played Freebooter? Yes, others were in charge of the reviews etc., so i didn't go for it. But after the Freebooters Legends Indiegogo i just had to go with it and got me some Goblins.

CTU Koblenz - Freebooters Fate CTU Koblenz - Freebooters Fate CTU Koblenz - Freebooters Fate

Fritz brought along his Mordheim Terrain and some Freebooter Figs, so we were ready to go. Tons of terrain, similar to Infinity and diceless. Sounds interesting. Long story short, my Pirates started in a larger ruin and Curly Ann takes aim in the upper level to shoot the silly mask out of the hand of Bella Cigna.

CTU Koblenz - Freebooters Fate CTU Koblenz - Freebooters Fate

On the otherside the Brotherhood lurked in the shadows. On each right side a crew member sneaked into the flank of the opponent. In the gap of the ruin one of the pirates gets ready to toss some knives into the enemies.

CTU Koblenz - Freebooters Fate CTU Koblenz - Freebooters Fate CTU Koblenz - Freebooters Fate

Andreas (left) took part in the game and dealed out the cards. Repeatingly not in my favor, which led to a discussion about bad luck rolling dices, Schroedingers Cat and that i am going to draw my cards by myself. My facial expression (Erdinger Poloshirt) shows the recently received damage ... hngggrr! Christian measures in the meantime the movement of his Master Assassin in the shadows between the houses.

CTU Koblenz - Freebooters Fate CTU Koblenz - Freebooters Fate

Cuchillo was attacked by a trainee from the Assassins guild, who took an arrow to the knee ... eehhm a knife, so that he decided to flee. In the meantime Rosso fired his pistols through the windows upon the remaining Brotherhood and Curly Ann had to take care of here crippled arm. Bella Cigna sprinted in the back of one of my pirates and prepared to take him out.

CTU Koblenz - Freebooters Fate CTU Koblenz - Freebooters Fate CTU Koblenz - Freebooters Fate

The Master Assassin made a threatening geasture to show that he wasn't happy about getting show at by Rosso and made that clear in the next turn as they overkilled him ... badly! Curly Ann was about to pull her weight and jumped from on ruin to the next into close combat to support her fellow pirate against Bella Cigna. I mean, seriously, how cool is a set of rules that lets you do that? But it resulted in no damage at all ... bummer!
Cuchillo wanted to be usefull as well and threw some knives into close combat, only to hit his own crew mate Curly an ... both times. Fortunately for him, most of the hits didn't to any damage or hit her wooden leg. This may result in some after gaming discussion between the two. The 8 turns were played. I gathered more experience and was confirmed in my decission buying the goblins. Freebooters Fate rules!

CTU Koblenz - Freebooters Fate CTU Koblenz - Freebooters Fate CTU Koblenz - Freebooters Fate

My intention was to get some stuff painted, but it went the other way and we started another match, a game of X-Wing 3 vs 3. Andreas had a printed gaming mat with him (i am really looking forward to mine from Fischkrieg) and we started playing. A ton of fun, more complex and faster thatn Wings of War. Great combination and the best of all - its Star Wars. Piew-Piew!

CTU Koblenz CTU Koblenz CTU Koblenz

After spending some quality time at my FLGS and some discounts, i got myself a little treat. The stonehorn thingy of the Ogres for my Mantic Orks and for I-Munda conversions two of the newer plastic chaos characters. Thanks to Marlon for beeing a great host and offering coffee, cookies and great beverages.

CTU Koblenz

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