Wednesday Update #1

Answering the question, do the backdrops reflect? It depends. A quick snapshot what it's good for ...


And i did some basing on Hasslefree Miniatures. It is just amazing, to see what Kevin sculpts. Great miniatures, impressive casting quality and a very reasonable price!

Hasslefree - Hazmat Squad Hasslefree - Survivors

Less impressive were the Sci-Fi plastic kits from Wargames Factory and Defiance Games. The casting is blurry and the fitting is not the best. No comparison to GW. Not in the picture but a very interesting contestant is the new Dreamforge Eisenkern troops. I'll keep you posted.

Wargames Factory - Stormtroopers Defiance Games - US Marine Corps

Otherwise I am experiencing the aftermath of the steam summersale. Bought some really good games, among them Borderlands 2, GRID and Rage. Some just for inspiring some terrain building.

I highly recommend The Walking Dead and The Last of Us. If you don't own them, or in case of the 2nd don't own a PS3, i can assure you, watching the walkthroughs / let's plays on Youtube is quite interesting (especially Gold Gloves commentary is funny as hell!).

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