Dark Age Terrain

Inspired by Sigur (from Battle Brush Studio), i got in touch with one the local laser cutting companies and got myself the basics structures for some dark age terrain. I added a few stir sticks for coffee to give it a bit more depth. Quite a funny job and it worked out nicely.

MDF Dark Age Terrain MDF Dark Age Terrain  MDF Dark Age Terrain

All of the houses got some bases, but the tower should stick out a bit more / higher, so i layered up several sheets of 3mm mdf. Weighed them down while glueing, added a first layer of spackle and filed it down, as a basement for further. I filed the hand rail, to make it look more rugged.

MDF Dark Age Terrain MDF Dark Age Terrain MDF Dark Age Terrain

In total i have a small village, two long houses, a small storage hut, two different mid sized houses and a watchtower. Enough for game on 4' by 4'.

MDF Dark Age Terrain

Next up, i mixed up a texture paste, to structure the walls of the houses. It is made up of sand, paint, pva, filler, water and even some static grass. It ended up a bit to thin, so i added another layer of paint, filler and pva for more thickness. Result can be seen in the third picture.

MDF Dark Age Terrain MDF Dark Age Terrain MDF Dark Age Terrain

Each house has a base, that i bevelled - manually, which is hell of a work. I have to find my dremel again, if you are looking for one, LIDL currently offers one in their online shop. In addition i added planked doors and a miniature for scale. Even managed to do a base test, basically just used the brown tinting paint and scattered sand over it. Satisfying, stays in place, but i guess i'll seal it off with thinned down pva. I'll add some small details in the final build, but less talking more showing.

MDF Dark Age Terrain MDF Dark Age Terrain

I'll have to buy some teddy bear fur for the roofs, have seen some builds using old towels, but i think i'll stick with the fake fur. Thanks a lot for reading, come by again soon and leave a comment if you like this blog!

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  1. Schöne Sache. Bin gespannt wie es fertig aussieht!

  2. Der “Rohbau” sieht schon mal richtig schick aus. Ich bin ebenfalls auf das fertige Ergbenis gespannt.

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