Armoured Trains

Back home after a week in Birmingham, at the NEC exhibition centre, where they hold among others the UK Games Day, Comic Conventions and UK Games Expo. Using the weekend to write some feedback about the visited sites and places, and to catch up on this blog. Why do i share my experience on tripadvisor? I found some good places and great recommendations thanks to the community, and it is the right thing to give something back. That is actually something i'd be glad to see more actively in the wargaming scene as well. There are so many great blogs and project logs out there, and even more readers. Give those guys some feedback, comment on their projects and give something back.

A package arrived while i was away. I stocked up on Fleischmann Magic Train waggons, got two fuel tanks and three freight cars. Stripped the later of their constructions, preparing them for being converted into an armoured train.

Fleischmann Magic Train Fleischmann Magic Train

There is a great Osprey book, New Vanguard #140, on this topic. Covering information and pictures across the board, from world war I to II, not only german, but british, polish and russian as well.

Osprey - New Van Guard 140 - Armored Trains

I want to try and convert them into a Kommandowagen, Artilleriewagen and / or Panzerjägerwagen.

Trumpeteer - German Kommandowagen Kommandowagen

Artilleriewagen Kommandowagen Panzerjägerwagen

This should be possible with a few sheets of plastic card and some parts from Rubicon and Warlord Games tank kits. If you have interesting ressources, additional pictures or other helpful links for this plan, feel free to share them.

Thanks a lot for reading, come by again soon and leave a comment or give me a like on Facebook if you like this blog!

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