Iron giants, iron calves and hovering boats

I saw this picture on facebook, it is a K2SO toy converted by Steve Perry (Rubicon Models UK representative) into a 28mm terrain piece. That would be awesome for all kinds of Sci-Fi settings, from the Ashwastes of Necromunda, over Gates of Antares to Rogue Stars.

Star Wars - K2SO Ruins

This K2SO toy from Rogue One is available in two sizes, the picture above shows the 70 cm / 31", I went with the slighter smaller version of 50 cm / 20 ". Just look at the sheer size of that thing. I laid it flat with a 28mm miniature in front of it for scale.

Star Wars - K2SO Star Wars - K2SO

The toy is not glued together, but assembled by screws. So with a philips head screw driver I could take it apart. As I want to cut the toy apart to scramble it around, I noticed that the calves of the toy would make great turbines.

Star Wars - K2SO Leg

Why turbines? Well, I found these conversion of sci-fi boats in the Mare Solarum 40k Project Group on Facebook. These are Sky Trash Boat by Vince Michael, a mobile home by Vince Michael as well, and the last one, a Rogue Trader Gun Runner Air Boat by Oscar Barela.

Vince Michael Sky Trash Boat Vince Michael Mobile Home Rogue Trader Gun Runner Air Boat by Oscar Barela

First I was looking for the laser guns of a Dust 47 Koenigsluther (like Oscar did), but couldn't get a hold of them, but then found out I could use the K2SO calves for that purpose. Then I looked into a proper base for this ship. There are a couple of speed and patrol boats available in 1:35, but if you're not lucky getting something cheap on ebay, those are rather expensive to start with. You could grab something from a toy store. In this case I went with an old 70s Revell kit of a tug boat. Instruction are hell, but just need the "chassis".

Grav Boat Turbine Grav Boat Turbine Grav Boat Turbine

Currently gathering a few further bits, as this shall be a Rogue Trader "smuggling" boat like in the Necromunda Comics. So it will have a small cabin and loading bay on deck, maybe a board MG. I completed the next few steps, adding the flooring and frame to the hull. The blue chips are from hospital supplies, and I can see them as some glowing anti-grav bumpers, instead of the old rubber tires current boats have. The white bit in the front will be used as a pintle for the board weapon.

Grav Boat Turbine Grav Boat Turbine

That's it so far, hope you enjoyed the creative input and have a great weekend!

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