Looking forward to the Holidays

Christmas is near, the holidays have begun and I will spend my two weeks off with the family as well as with the hobby.

I got a little christmas present from Radaddel. Thank you very much, always a satisfied customer and with this little bonus towards the end of the year more than ever. Some sweets, a small jar of model snow and a Citadel Painting Handle. Those are very useful and it is always practical to have one more to spare.

Radaddel Weihnachtspost

I dropped by at the local merchandise store CTU in Koblenz. He stocks comic books, trading card accessoires and random geek and nerd merch. I bought the sleeves for my Underworld cards there and with Nightvault released and further warbands to come, it made sense to look for a proper storing solution. Was provided guide across the different product ranges and went with the Ultimate Guard boxes and a smaller one for the deck in use. Oh, and they carry import drinks and sweets. As the availability of A&W and such was scarce, I went with two pop tarts.

CTU Koblenz Warhammer Underworlds - Cards Warhammer Underworlds - Cards Deckguard

Got a nice package by Warlord Games as well. One covering their farm animals. I'll do an unboxing on them early next year, and a Char B1 Bis (already reviewed that one) in combination with a LeFH 10,5cm. I'll try to build a 10.5cm leFH 18/3 (Sf) auf Geschützwagen B2(f) and will cover the steps accordingly on here.

Warlord Games - Farm Animals Bolt Action - Char B1 & 10,5cm LeFH Bolt Action - 10,5cm LeFH

A big thank you to Guy for having my back on missing Crisis this year. He send me the event miniature of Silvius Brabo, along with a Footsore / Gangs of Rome miniature, that I assume was in the goodie bag as well. Thanks mate and enjoy the holidays!

Crisis 2018 - Limited Miniature

As I have finished the Titan week and now have two warlords, a reaver and two warhounds, I'm looking for the proper paint schemes and a second reaver (but I'll wait with that until next year, when the other configuration will be released). I'm thinking about a green with bronce for the loyals and bone with red metallic for the traitors. With a creme white for the loyal as a contrast, and a dark grey / black for the traitor. We'll see, maybe I have the time in the next couple of days to throw a bit of paint onto these. Starting with the Warhounds.

Adeptus Titanicus - Titan Group Adeptus Titanicus - Loyal Colour Mock up Adeptus Titanicus - Traitor Colour Mock up

That's it from my side with the christmas preparations so far. I'll post some updates during the holidays, covering my cooking on christmas (as I did with the Beef Wellington and Pulled Turkey), upload a brief battle report and the summary of 2018 (see the 2017 annual review here) as well.

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  1. Really enjoy your posts! When I need to see models that I am thinking about buying, I always check here! Superb pictures and comparisons.
    Have a nice Christmas!

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