Food, movies and bases!

So I am back since the middle of the week. Been busy, taking a lot of pictures, as you can see below. Build a couple of kits, among them three Knight kits for Adeptus Titanicus.

And the July 2019 issue of White Dwarf arrived, along with a new promo card for Warhammer 40.000 Munchkin. Remember that I have some spare promo cards and book marks and you have the chance to get them, just by asking me for them at a convention or show.

Review Preparation White Dwarf - Issue July 2019 Pegasus Spiele - Munchkin Warhammer 40,000

A couple of interesting articles in there, for example I really did enjoy the new colour scheme they showed for the Astra Militarum / Imperial Guard, along with this beautiful Kill Team by Maxime Pastourel (also known as Mörback from Les Kouzes and I've shown his stunning Nurgle Army from Warhammer Fest here). There is a new game mode for Underworlds, have to give it a try.

White Dwarf - Issue July 2019 White Dwarf - Issue July 2019 White Dwarf - Issue July 2019

Then there is a data sheet for Inquisitor Eisenhorn with Kill Team, but the printed version (of all languages) has a wrong profile for this character. In the digital variant it was updated, as you can see in the second picture. We're currently waiting for a proper PDF download or something. The back shows a great scene with Stormcasts in black and golden armour, along with an interesting terrain piece, that you might know from the old arcane ruins set. I'll show you that one as part of the upcoming Sigmarite Dais review.

White Dwarf - Issue July 2019 White Dwarf - Issue July 2019 White Dwarf - Issue July 2019

As mentioned last week, I visited Radaddel's store in Rudolstadt and I was shown some of the novelties and new arrivals by Matthias instore. Among them were these new Gamers Grass products, they are pre-painted, battle-ready bases of different sizes. And he gave me a trade sample, that I'll cover in one of the upcoming articles. Beside the pre-painted bases they have some tufts and resin parts to decorate your bases.

Gamers Grass
Gamers Grass Gamers Grass Gamers Grass

And I used the "alone-time" wisely, well, partially entertained to say so and worked through my backlog of movies. I watched Shazam!, of course that one comes with an Post Credit Scene, and the new Hellboy, so much cheap CGI, lots of blood and well, more of a guys night movie, with a couple of beers, something you can watch in the background. Two post credit scenes, one of which teasering a second movie, that I don't really see coming after the flunking of the first one.

I binged Chernobyl, which is quite interesting, but not the blockbuster that the memes of the past weeks suggested it would be. Still an interesting view. Netflix added the new season of Comedians in Cars getting Coffee, but unfortunately still season 7 missing. Would love to see episodes with Jim Gaffigan or John Oliver.

And I got back to cooking, preparing a couple of less healthy meals over the last few days. Trying some recipes I found on Youtube, like the butter burger but on potato rolls, a pork loin sandwich, chicken popcorn with Los Pollos seasoning and garlic bread pizza without the cheese crust.

Butter Burgers Pork Loin Sandwich Chicken Popcorn Garlic Bread Dough Pizza

I have Dark and True Detectives season 3 on my schedule for next week, along with the Deadwood movie, but I'll have to rewatch the series before that. The later would fit perfect with rebasing and taking care of the remaining Artizan Design cowboys.

Have a great sunday!

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