Weekender – Home Office Week 1

So, the first week of social distancing is over. I swapped the coffee at work for a cup at home, and on friday we even had a virtual after hours drink. Where we used the infrastructure that was used for dailies, stand-ups and other meetings, for a beverage of your choice and some off-work chat. Working longer than a day or two from home was a bit strange at first, due to the lack of personal interaction, but thanks to my amazing colleagues and employer it went very well.

A side effect was that I gained an hour a day, that I wasn't commuting, and was spend on having breakfast / dinner with my family. And due to the fact, that most of my friends were in similar situations, most had already setup the facilities to work from home / participate in video calls, so we came together in the evenings for a chat and some virtual wargaming gathering a bit more often than usual.

Lord of the Rings - Lake Town Adeptus Titanicus - Civitas Imperialis Warhammer 40.000 - Battle Sanctum

So I went through quite a bit of plastic kits in the evenings. Mostly terrain, so expect quite a lot in that sector - make it so! As Aeronautica is coming in April, and I have my Titans in line, so I am missing a bit of infantry. What's the current status on Epic? Which is the recommended version and what do I need to field Adeptus Mechanicus, Custodes and Renegade Imperial Guard?

As news is mostly about Corona this and raising numbers there, and a lot (unfortunately a shit load) of misinformation, opportunistic bullshit and fear mongering. So by that, I just want you to stay safe and at home, and provide you some alternate creative input.

If you're looking for something to read during this and the upcoming weeks, White Dwarf (Issue 452) and Wargames Illustrated (Issue 390) just released a new issue this week. I'll take about the Dwarf next week in an article of its own. The WI Issue was focussed on being a pre-lude to Salute, which now is a bit unnecessary, as the show was postponed to 2021. Yet, they cover a neat coverage on this years Tactica. And of course there is Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy as well, with issue 107. All but the White Dwarf are available as a digital copy.

Wargames Illustrated - 390 April 2020 White Dwarf - Issue 452 March 2020

Salute was officially postponed (important, not cancelled, just a "new date" in next year - unfortunately moving it outside of the brexit transition period) as was UK Games Expo, which will now be held in August of this year. I hope to make it next year, as I really enjoyed our Operation Sealion trip two years ago. So stay healthy and let's look forward to the amazing shows and tours to come.

South London Warlords - Salute 2018 Blood Red Skies South London Warlords - Salute 2018 Ian Smith & Friends Mantic Games Studio 2018
South London Warlords - Salute 2018 Sealion 2018 - Intro to Salute 2018  Salute 2018 - Aftermath Borough Market

There is a whole section on convention and event reports on here in the events category, just give it a look. It covers a proper decade of wargaming journeys. But due to the occasion, I updated the event schedule for 2020.

To continue the input, I can highly recommend instagram over other social media these days. You can look up hashtags like #oldhammer, #horusheresy or #miniaturepainting. And another batch of IG wargamers I can highly recommend for input.

Instagram - Curis Ninja Bread Instagram - Imperial Space Marine Instagram - Rapid Tabletop Instagram - The Forge Temple Instagram - The Green Mountain Man Instagram - 3D Roleplay

And because it doesn't harm to have a laugh, so here are a few memes. Oh and I love the update of the Winchester dialogs by the lads, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

Wargaming Preppper Meme Leadpile Meme Modelkit Builder Meme

The current situation is perfect to catch up on your backlog, not just of wargaming. But reading, tv series and movies as well. I managed to get through the final episodes of Star Trek - The Next Generation. Season 7 had some weird episodes, where I had the feeling, that they didn't really know how to connect the storylines into the overall story arch. I gave the double length pilot of Deep Space Nine a go, but that didn't really caught me the way TNG did. Maybe I need a few more episodes to get the interest flowing, but I assume I'll have to take a look at Netflix and Amazon if I can catch up on the Star Trek movies, that covered TNG (speaking Generations, First Contact, Insurrection and Nemesis). I think First Contact will be the most interesting, as it picks up the great Borg storyline. I think I watched Nemesis a while back and it ... well, I guess I can take a pass on that one.

Beside that, final season of Homeland is going strong. Really interesting story development. The last few episodes provide great ideas for modern combat scenarios. As for podcasts, Krauthorn returned for episode 12. Once again worth listening to.

That's it for today. Stay safe, stay at home. If you want to know what I am up to during the week, drop by later or follow me on Instagram.

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