White Dwarf #452 March 2020

Earlier this week the March issue (number 452) of White Dwarf arrived. This is the subscription cover, showing a a full artwork scene between the Space Wolves and Thousand Sons lead by Magnus the Red, created by Jaime Martinez.

White Dwarf - Issue 452 March 2020 White Dwarf - March 2020

The regular cover by Kai Lim shows a Space Wolf riding a giant wolf.

Among the first pages, where they show the miniatures painted and converted by the readers, these Ultramarine Interceptors really caught my eye. The heavily weathered look, that tones down the bright blue into this battle worn armour - great. I am a big fan of these less knight with heraldry look, as you saw in the Badab War for example.

At first I thought those were Space Wolves, but they are covered in the following pages to go along with the new rules and releases, incl. an Index Astartes Article and the two level painting tutorials. And some really crazy conversions for the orks, really like the ideas they came up with.

Another topic within 40k that is covered with this issue are the Adeptus Custodes, incl. the Talons of the Emperor, a black & white coloured order. Followed by a short story.

White Dwarf - March 2020 White Dwarf - March 2020 White Dwarf - March 2020 White Dwarf - March 2020

Blackstone Fortress gets an update - not just a new character, as we've seen the in last few issues, introducing the Jokaero. A datasheet along with a new scenario. And a new supplement, the Zoat from the times of Oldhammer. The White Dwarf covers rules for the Zoat as an unit in Kill Team.

The Zoat supplement will most likely be postponed, as Games Workshop shut down operations until April 14th.

White Dwarf - March 2020 White Dwarf - March 2020

Jervis Johnson returns with an extended idea on campaign gaming, he calls "fight & write", a really interesting read, with lots of creative input. And it is not just his article, but another report on campaign gaming incl. a Hallost campaign.

Age of Sigmar receives a four generals battle report on top. With Stormcasts & Idoneth vs. Nurgle & Gloomspire Gitz.

White Dwarf - March 2020 White Dwarf - March 2020 White Dwarf - March 2020

Blackstone Fortress is not the only "side" game that is covered. There are new territorial rules for Warcry, a tactics article on Beastgrave and new rules for Adeptus Titanicus on narrative missions. On the last few pages there is an interview with Black Library's Graham McNeill, followed up by a short story by James Swallow (if you can call 14 pages actually short).

White Dwarf - March 2020  White Dwarf - March 2020 White Dwarf - March 2020

That's the issue of march. More focussed on the main games, and especially interesting if you're into Age of Sigmar.

I assume that the next issue will a bit postponed or delivered later, but if you want to be updated on new releases or upcoming kits, I strongly suggest you keep an eye on Warhammer Community in the next days and weeks. Especially on saturday, 28th, as they will provide the AdeptiCon reveals in an online format.

In addition Games Workshop offers a hang out on Twitch every weekday from 4 to 7 pm.

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