Weekend Update CW 17/2020

It feels like we're taking up speed, this week just flew by. We opened up a new can of primer, covered the next Frostgrave kit, the female wizards and taking a look into the next Middlehammer project.

Claymore Castings - Breton-Stands In Frostgrave - Wizards II Female Wizards Hit Color Belton - Flat Black

I little thing, that I have to get of my chest. How hard is reading? Especially on facebook, people comment on links, that they didn't read. Either take the time and see what you're commenting on or simply skip the post and not interact with it at all, if you're not bothering to read it. It was especially weird with the Claymore Castings post, how many people pointed out Antediluvian ... seriously, I covered that topic in the very first paragraph of the post. /randmode

Other than that, even with the lock down continuing it becomes a bit more normal. Shopping, even with the protective gear, has gone back to being rather normal. Wheat is back in stock, so far I've managed to buy everything beyond baker's yeast. I ordered a small care package from Motel Brew in Berlin, where they put in 3 bottles of Berliner Weisse by Schneeeule. And finally ... really finally the last of my Wild West miniatures by Boot Hill arrived.

Dinkelmehl Motel Brew Boot Hill Miniatures

The weekend had the greatest weather since a long time. We were out on the edge of the forest for a stroll. That's not a Windows background image, that's how the fields and sky looks like around here. And we went to see the cattle that my father in law looks after, they are Taurus cattle bulls and our daughter loves them. They were quite active yesterday, with some playful fighting, tearing down smaller bushes and trees and relaxing under the tree. Reminded me of the Disney classic Ferdinand the Bull from 1938.

Holler, Westerwald Taurusrinder Taurusrinder

Mantic adds the Rise of the Shadow King Adventure book for Dungeon Saga to the free downloads. And as a special occasion, the next Mantic Open Day will be held virtually on May 9th, read more about it in their latest newsletter.

Osprey didn't release any free e-books this week, but an overview on 8 games for solo players, which you might find helpful.

While searching for Gaslands ideas to convert my car pool, I found Jakarta Diecast Project on Youtube. He has an Instagram account as well and can be found on Facebook of course. It is really amazing what he makes out of this small 1:64 scale cars. The insane amount of work that goes into these custom and scratch build conversions, like this Jägermeister Porsche or Honda City. Take the time, let that sink in what and how he does it.

Jakarta Die Cast Project Jakarta Die Cast Project Jägermeister Porsche Jakarta Die Cast Project Honda City

Let's head towards to flicks and casts. I have made it to season 4 of Deep Space Nine and with me Ltn. Commander Worf arrived there - yes. We're deep in the Dominion Conflict, the Klingons are going into whole warmonger mode. Let's get this party started. If I'm already annoying you with Trek, I have bad news for you, I'll continue with Voyager after this. Unless the original X-Men cartoon or Seinfeld will postpone that.

Homeland will air its final episode tomorrow, I am really excited how this will play out. After the switch from Brody to Carrie as the main character I was quite impressed how well the series went on, most of other tv shows wouldn't able to pull that off.

A couple of new movies landed on my to-watch list, like Heavy Trip, which is incl. on Amazon prime and covers a finnish Symphonic-Post-Apocalyptic-Reindeer-Grinding-Christ-Abusing-Extreme-War-Pagan-Fennoscandian-Metal band trying to play their gig on a festival in Norway. Last Kingdom is back with its 4th season since today on Netflix. Was more of my taste than the later episodes of Vikings, so I'll probably tune in. New on Netflix as well is Extraction. To be honest I don't care much for the movie itself, I see it more as source for inspiration for modern combat scenarios, terrain and narrative. Beer Jesus about the Stone Brewing Company coming to Berlin is on my watchlist as well, available on Amazon prime.

Oh and we actually watched the first movie on Disney+, neither of us had seen Coco, nice movie, lovely made, beautiful animation and easy on the pacing.

That's it for today. Stay safe, stay at home. If you want to know what I am up to during the week, drop by later or follow me on Instagram.

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