Realm of Chaos – Sorting the warbands

While sorting out, what to sell and what to keep, I took a long deep look at my Realm of Chaos miniatures from the Oldhammer to early Midhammer era.

Realm of Chaos Realm of Chaos - Champions of Chaos Stripping Paint

To me, the core of these miniatures, especially the Champions of the different chaos gods, are like the crown jewels of my collection. But just keeping them for the sake of having them, would be a waste. Similar to a car, they are build to be driven, and as such are miniatures not to be kept in blisters, they should be painted and in some cases to be used in games. Why do these old miniatures fascinate me so much? I got into the topic of Oldhammer a few times in the past, once in 2016 when I had my 20th anniversary with the wargaming hobby, and another time a bit more focused on the 2nd Edition of Warhammer 40,000.

Inspired by the Sellswords & Spellslingers review and gaming reports on Tabletop Stories I decided a good faith for these would be, to be used in small warbands, each devoted to one of the gods. A bit of orientation, I would take from the Realm of Chaos books, both I picked up as Reprints at Warhammer World, the second one - Lost and the Damned just this january. They cover the rules for both the first editions of Warhammer Fantasy and Rogue Trader, along with content for the Roleplay. As such you rallye a warband around a Champion of Chaos, who - hopefully - raises in the favour of the dark gods, improves his stats, receives mutations or gifts of chaos and attracts more followers (some randomly assigned in small batches). In the next posts I'll go through the warband creation using the rules from the Realm of Chaos books Slaves to Darkness and Lost and the Damned.

Nottingham 2020 - Warhammer World Games Workshop - Warhammer World Games Workshop - Warhammer World

Even saw of few of those painted up at Warhammer World in the miniature exhibition.

Games Workshop - Warhammer World Exhibition Centre Games Workshop - Warhammer World Exhibition Centre

So each warband would need an aspiring champion, to take over the role of the leader, 1-2 champions as a his right hand / second in command. Maybe one of them carrying the bands banner, and a few regular warriors. I traded doubles, added other miniatures to the sorted groups (for example a few Dark Elves) and am going for a total strength of around 15-20 models per warband, including side board and support characters.

Here's my current status of Tzeentch, Slaanesh, Nurgle and Khorne. Without the supporting units (e.g. demons and individual monsters). What about undivided Chaos? Well, there's always the beastmen.

Realm of Chaos - Tzeentch Realm of Chaos - Slaanesh
Realm of Chaos - Nurgle Realm of Chaos - Khorne

This has no specific rule system in mind, should be able to be used with a variety of small scaled skirmishers, preferably with narrative and/or light roleplay components. I want to put them on round bases, and have beside the Sellswords & Spellslingers ruleset, Songs of Blades and Heroes, the old 3rd Edition Warhammer Fantasy or other more generic rulesets.

I found a few very interesting blogs on the topic, that I can highly recommend;

The miniature stock for this project is complete, I am just looking for a few plague monks to add to the nurgle band, mostly a single standard bearer and a censer bearer. Thankful for offers, as well as oldhammer / old 'eavy metal painting tutorials.

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