Weekend Update CW 20/2020 – Roofing, Backlogs and Lego

Had a bit of spare time on friday night and took up the kitbash of the Laketown House. A more detailled coverage on the build will soon follow. Mixed up a bit of Grey Stuff by P3 and took care of the gaps between the shingles and wall pieces. And as usual, you end up with too much modelling clay.

Lord of the Rings - The Hobbit Lake Town House Lord of the Rings - The Hobbit Lake Town House Lord of the Rings - The Hobbit Lake Town House

I am currently cleaning up the backlog of drafts, as the number rose to almost 100. Some incomplete ideas, where the progress of the project itself didn't went as far as to provide enough content for a blog post. Others articles or reviews that were missing a last touch up, that I didn't come around to do so far. But I am keeping up and will provide them with a bit of delay, as with the German Grenadiers.

Chaosbunker - Backlog

I was kinda lucky and got my hands on one of the special Catachan Colonels. Thanks to Radaddel! The tabletop store of my choice. A thing that went a bit under the radar, this guy has an alternate head option that is shown on the back of the box. In addition, this Carl Weathers inspired character was meant to be the Store Anniversary Gift for 2020, so I expect this one to be available for 25-30 EUR in the second half of the year, as far as shopping is able to become more regular like it used to be. So don't get crazy on spending 150+ EUR on this guy on eBay or so.

Games Workshop - Catachan Colonel Games Workshop - Catachan Colonel

My Modulor order arrived. GLS really took its time... now I have a proper amount of plastic card to tinker around, along with brass rod and plastic profiles. Will replace the masts on the bigger resin ships for Black Seas, continue on the wrecks that I teasered earlier this week. And build half a kit of Briggs & Frigates. Look at the sweet dome, those will look amazing with the Adeptus Titanicus terrain.

Modulor Order Modulor Order Black Seas - Brigs & Frigate

Had a bit of a sag this week with wargaming and needed something different to put my mind at ease. As Lego changed the size of the Speed Champion series, I looked up which recent / still available kits I was missing and got myself these three american muscle cars, 75891 Chevrolet Camaro and the bundle 75893 Dodge Challenger and Charger. I really like the 6 stud wide series and have quite a lot of them by now. A pity that they went for 8 stud wide with the 2020 releases, as they are now completely incompatible with Lego City.

Lego Speed Champions 75893 + 75891 Lego Speed Champions 75893 + 75891 Lego Speed Champions 75893 + 75891 Lego Speed Champions 75893 + 75891 Lego Speed Champions 75893 + 75891

With the mask obligation I had a look around, as I would need more than one due to washing etc., and I saw that Yvis Craft World offered some nice designs. She made the dice bag and tray for me two years ago and I wanted to support a local, handcraft business. Highly recommended. Count in a bit of time, as she got swarmed with requests for those.

Yvis Nerd and Geek World Yvis Nerd and Geek World

Another think to relax in the evenings, I made a nectarine chutney. Spicy, a bit tangy, and works well with poultry. You can store it for quite some time, oh and it is a great spread on a creme cheese bagel.

Nectarine Chutney Nectarine Chutney Nectarine Chutney Nectarine Chutney

No streaming tipps this week, only came around to see the latest episodes of Rick & Morty and What we do in the Shadows, as well as a bit of DS9.

That's it for today. Stay safe, stay at home. If you want to know what I am up to during the week, drop by later or follow me on Instagram.

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