A miniature Odyssey – Our arrows…

…will bloat out the sun!!! The first half of the first block is done. I have to say that the whole thing turned out to be more difficult than expected. The first step was still relatively easy, the skeletons were completely washed with Sepia, and partially with Devlan Mud and Black.

After that I tried to emphasize some of the accents with Bone again and then with White. But here I already got to the first hurdle - I just can't paint the same thing for so long and so I had to split the first block earlier than I thought.

A miniature Odyssey – Our arrows... A miniature Odyssey – Our arrows...

So I placed the first highlights only at one of the two regiments and then divided the steps as follows:

  • Painting the quivers, one part in Beasty Brown, one part with Charred Brown
  • Painting the arrow shafts
  • Painting the bow handles
  • Painting the bow side and arrow feathers

No matter how much I tried to paint more at once, I always managed to paint only a small part in one colour. But it worked out quite well and the many small steps finally led to the finished regiment.

A miniature Odyssey – Our arrows... A miniature Odyssey – Our arrows...

As you can see, I have also completed the base. That's because my old friend Swarley put a damn idea in my head: "It's not finished until the base is done!" Oh, great. But well, in the end he was right, the skeletons alone would really look kind of naked and when I have the project done, I would like to have the army completely finished. Because if I skip that step and only tackle it at the end, I might not feel like it anymore, and the half-finished army would stand around forever.

And because a picture of the overall progress always provides a little extra motivation, here is the current status:

A miniature Odyssey – Our arrows...

By the way, with this project I'm going for another goal - I collect souls...uh...Likes on the facebook page of our blog. By the end of the year the boss and I would like to break the 1K mark. kind and donate your click 😉


Greetings from the Chaosbunker


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