November 2020 review

Wow, we're already in December, the last month the year and now let's look back at November and what happened (and what not).

Usually November means a tour to Antwerp for Crisis and having a great time with some of the guys. As this wouldn't be happening this year, I wrote up a throwback and we had a virtual guys night.

Tinsoldiers of Antwerp - CRISIS 2019 Crisis 2019 - Tinsoldiers of Antwerp Tinsoldiers of Antwerp - CRISIS 2019

Wargaming wise I had a themed series on the Underhive, covering the Zone Mortalis kit and Gang Stronghold. Great builds, and you can put a truckload of sprues of these to use.

Necromunda - Zone Mortalis Gang Stronghold Necromunda - Zone Mortalis Platforms and Stairs Necromunda - Zone Mortalis Platforms and Stairs

After heading for the Underhive, we'll be switching to the Horus Heresy, as there's something new from Nottingham with love. Really looking forward to cover these two (and hopefully the new Cerastus as well).

Forge World - Questoris Knights

November means St. Martin. But this year obviously without the parade. But as I didn't want our daughter to miss out on the event, I baked this kind of German ginger bread man and Martinspretzel from spelt flour. The dough worked out really great, so I made some raisin buns as well.

Weckmann Martinsbrezel Rosinenbrötchen

And as Photoshop decided to require SSE 4.2 (along with some bottle necks with some of the more recent games) it was time to go for a hardware upgrade on my setup. With this I'm ready to give Forza 4 Horizons a try as well.

Hardware Upgrade

As for streaming tipps, I had some time to go through my binge backlog. I catched up on Witcher. Henry Cavill did a great job, I still think that Mads Mikkelsen would have been a closer fit. Anyhow, the story was interesting and properly told, just the digital effects were a bit sub-par. To stay on Netflix, I went through The Crown. A lot of Game of Thrones actors, Qyburn, Tywin Lannister, Edmure Tully, Yara Greyjoy, Stannis Baratheon, Yohn Royce, High Sparrow, and some other known actors like Dr. Who, Herr Star from Preacher and Watchmen's Ozymandias. It was a bit strange to see Herr Star wargaming (another tv series after Deep Space Nine covering The Alamo).

The Crown - Wargaming The Crown - Wargaming The Crown - Wargaming

On Netflix I started with the third season of Star Trek Discovery. Having a hard time, still very forced woke and missing some proper sci-fi. There's a new world war 2 series on Netflix as well, The Liberator. Story has been told dozends of times and that filter is very annoying for a movie. Looks like something that would like to be a Telltale Game but simply hasn't the budget for it. On my what's next list, I have to pick up Ozarks again. Enjoyed the first season, just didn't come around to finish it the first time.

Across the board, Tatort, the german crime series has its 50 year anniversary and Radio Bremen covered a mockumentary How to Tatort. Entertaining, had a good time. I really enjoy how Mandalorian picked up the second season, thematic, fitting and oh boy does it connect with the other Star Wars series. Guess I have some catching up to do. Perry Mason has a reboot on HBO, with The Americans Matthew Rhys. Interesting set up for Inter War in the States.

And in November we have a new episode of the german podcast Krauthorn as well.

So let's see how we can wrap up December and 2020.

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