Miniature swap – travelling wargame box

In 2021 I participated in two travelling wargames trade boxes, and the first one, the "Kramkiste" (stuff box), arrived. A bit lighter than I expected and with the modest trades of the participants before me, I didn't really knew what to expect.


So I opened it up and took a look into it. Some odd items, along with improvable packaging on some pieces. And with this blister I honestly don't know what is in there. Hast off to the ones organising these boxes, as it is a bit of a social experiment. And I can only appeal to the guys participating, make sure you properly repack and arrange the items, when you browse. Don't just throw stuff in a bag, use proper padding and so on. If everybody takes that precaution the overall experience is much better for everyone.

Kramkiste Kramkiste Kramkiste

Most of the things really didn't work for me. But I took these items from the box.

  • A limited Space Marine Sgt. (as someone from our paint craddle is looking for it)
  • Ulrik the Slayer, as I fancy the old space marine characters
  • A Swooping Hawk exarch for my Eldar project
  • a zombie banner bearer, I didn't even had on the clock that they had a command group
  • Empire Greatsword
  • Chaos Sorcerer Tzeentch


In return I added these to the box

  • To boost the existing dark elves I added a unit of cold one cavalry and corsairs to the lot
  • 3 sprues of Bolt Action US American Infantry
  • Kings of War Ogre Berzerker Braves
  • Crooked Dice Danger 5
  • Avatars of War Nurgle Demon Champion
  • 3 Prussian Command models
  • Copplestone Gangster
  • Scibor festival special miniature

Kramkiste Kramkiste

So all in all, the box merely stayed half a day with me, and I dropped it off at the post office that evening, along with some other items that I sold. Won't be my only trip to the post office that week.


Looking forward to the other one, HANS! latest incarnation. I enlisted on that one quite late, so it will take a few weeks until it arrives here.

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