September 2022 review

Let us talk a look together on September.

The month started busy, as a lot of work event were scheduled for the first days of September. And I like that, as I work in sales and one of the reasons, I do that is because I like to work with people, get out there, see places and such. I was in Cologne for Digital X, we had our company summer fest, I held keynotes, so all the boxes checked, but of course that reduces the amount of time you have for your hobby heavily. In combination with getting sick towards the end of this month (and unfortunately still am), that slowed the overall process a bit down - still busy and entertaining month!

I had a blast at Rhein Main Multiversum, especially with the great Spectre Operations game. Second tabletop event for me this year.

8th Rhein Main Multiversum 2022 8th Rhein Main Multiversum 2022 - Spectre Operations 8th Rhein Main Multiversum 2022 - Spectre Operations

This weekend is Tactica. My last visit to Hamburg and Tactica was in 2019. I won't be there this year, for multiple reasons. Beside health, the logistics are the major points why Tactica is difficult for me the arrange. But I wish everybody a good time, enjoy the show, enjoy the games.

Hamburger Tactica 2019 Hamburger Tactica 2019 Hamburger Tactica 2019

What did we do this month? Well, I've covered the Leagues of Votann army set. While I had a blast with the kits themself, I have to say, the Codex is a bit of a downer. Not for the meta discussion etc., I don't play 9th edition, so that book is mostly inspirational for me. But it is quite thin, 104 pages, even with a hard cover is not enough to introduce a full new army. I like the design of the miniatures and the various colour schemes of the different leagues, but honestly an army list, with one named character, four HQ choices, a single core unit, two elite units, one assault unit and two supports is a bit thin. Besides, after all the negative feedback they received, the whole errata is just raised point values. No changed profiles, no revised rules, nope, just make the units more expensive. This feels a bit lazy. Especially as it seems they put more effort into producing the "apology" instead of actually fixing the problem.

Warhammer 40,000 - Leagues of Votann

Along with the Votann release, Games Workshop added another supplement for Necromunda. Currently, beside the main rule book there are 9 (!) additional books available at 40 EURs each. Remember the key argument for many people to play a skirmish? Mostly that they are compact. If I have to invest triple the amount the warband costs me into rules ... seriously, that escalated quite a bit. Along with quite a lot to carry when I want to play. Cinderak Burning is thematic, no questions. A lot of fluff and it feels proper, from the narrative. It is just not a lot of new content actually. Large font size, a lot of white space and scenic artwork stretches the small amount of new content on 120 something pages. I am pro new content for games and their support, but seriously, just when we covered the Squat Prospectors in July, there was the last 40 EUR supplement with a similar problem. They could easily fit the information of 2 or maybe even 3 books into a single one, if they went for a less "loose" layout. And in combination that you need the cards etc., which incredibly roll on FOMO, as they are not properly reprinted or on stock, so to avoid falling victim to scalpers, you have to buy them right away, before you had even the chance to give them a proper look. That just doesn't feel healthy to me. Still, Maulers and Cutters are a much more fitting addition to an underhive skirmish than Archeoteks or Grav Cutters.

Necromunda - Cinderak Burning

I received a copy of AMMO's How to Paint Miniatures for Wargames, which I'll give a proper review to next month. Mig Jimenez gathered a couple of painters from wargaming, among others David Imrie (SaxonDog) and Rubén Torregrosa (aka “HeresyBrush”), and did a multi-level collection of techniques, especially for tabletop miniatures. First impression is stunning, keep an eye out for these. They are available in English, Spanish and French.

AMMO - How to Paint Miniatures for Wargames

Osprey sent me a copy of their latest hard cover, the second edition of Lion Rampant. A proper update, better structured, some suggestions for first time gamers and how to set up an army lists. That is welcome, as it makes it easier to get started. This will find a key role in my collection, as Rampant will be one of the rule sets, that I'll keep in mind for my miniature collections.

Osprey Games - Lion Rampant

As you have to keep the kids busy, especially when you're self under the weather, we continued our terrain building for Battlefleet Gothic. I had to touch up some areas where the texture paint didn't fully cover the styrofoam and my daughter went on with the first foundations for the different planets. Battlefleet Gothic list building is in progress. I printed the smaller vessels myself, and gave the taller models as an order to MegaSonicPunch. They are currently setting up a contact sheet for custom print jobs.

Battlefleet Gothic - Planetary Terrain Battlefleet Gothic - Planetary Terrain

I was asked multiple times, if I'd go to Spiel. To be honest, as mostly a wargamer, I don't really see the appeal. There are a few tabletop companies there, that is right, but most are some teasers for upcoming Kickstarters and that's it. And still rather badly organised.

Beyond that, I'm really looking forward to the Lardwerp event, that is happening instead of Crisis in Antwerpen, hosted by the Tinsoldiers of Antwerp and Too Fat Lardies. We're meeting up with our UK friends and will have a great guys weekend, pretty similar to our 2018's Salute Tour.

Crisis 2019 - Tinsoldiers of Antwerp Crisis 2017 - Antwerp Tinsoldiers of Antwerp - CRISIS 2019

Stay say, stay healthy and stay away from negative nonsense (it's the internet, unfollow them, block them, it's easier than arguing, protect your bubble).

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