Stargrave – a Star Wars Story isn’t shattered

So, while I'm preparing my own Star Wars skirmish on a squad based level with Stargrave ruleset - using the platoon level range of Star Wars Legions miniatures and after market 3d print files, Atomic Mass Games announced that they will release Stars Wars - Shatterpoint, a squad based skirmish.

But as I pointed out, why Star Wars is a problematic tabletop IP and why FFG/AMG/Asmodee isn't doing that kind of a proper job supporting SWL, I came across this meme and it really brings it to the point. From the first looks it is a white label of Marvel Crisis Protocol, so even from a Star Wars skirmish point of view, this seems to be a very high fantasty skirmsh-scale hero brawler. On top, with yet another scale, to cut of the repurpose of miniatures from other ranges.

Star Wars - Atomic Mass Games Meme

Beside changing the scale to create the demand for new sales, this is something that is usually a very short sighted decision. Yes, you need to buy new models as the ones you might own don't fit the new range, but so is your need of terrain and that was already hindering other games. Actually this was something I even considered with the Star Wars Legion range, but 35mm / 1:48 is terrain wise, pretty close to heroic scaled 28-32mm and with me going mostly for swamp / outside scenarios, trees are trees.

But, yeah, the lack of support for some of the other games and the moving of lead development / responsibility within the Asmodee group, along with actually working on something else, is usually not the best message for the existing products on the range. And in this case we got a valid answer for the uncertain decision of the (recent) past - along with them not really giving a damn about the imbalance, production issues etc.. Yet, of course, you can easily use the existing SWL range, along with the many 3d printing files available to play Shatterpoint once it is released, with the benefit of simply upscaling your stl files (or wait for some of the content creators to adjust their files, as for example Skullforge is already working on).

Skull Forge Studios - Bad Batch sculpts

So, that's that. I have printed quite a lot in the mean time and I'll cover what I chose and why, along with how much effort it was on my 200 EUR entry level resin 3d printer.

Star Wars - 3d Printed Lot

I went for some Swamp Troopers as announced in the last post, along with adding poses for the various crew members, not covered by the SWL range. But as mentioned, more on that in the next article. 'Til then, if you don't fancy StarGrave (as some people feel the D20 is too random) but look for a skirmish rule set, you might want to take a look at these;

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