Dino’s October 2022

Damn, it happened again - I'm late! Well, I can't really complain, professionally things are going well, but I'm afraid I won't be able to keep my goal for the year. Sure, I'll keep trying, of course, but before I move on to the next project, namely Oathmark, I think I'll have to declare my annual goal as a milestone.

Speaking of which, Robert, a.k.a. Wolpertinger, with whom I've been doing regular painting sessions via Discord lately, converted an old river troll for my Oathmark army.

Oathmark - Converted Troll

I've always liked the model and it fits really well as a single monster in mixed armies. The only thing I need before I give in to the temptation to paint it is a flatter 40mm base. I'll probably ask Sarissa Precision about that.

I also finished one of Sarissa's two fountains in October - but I have to admit that the result is quite different from what I actually wanted to achieve with it. However, the process of painting the terrain piece was such a wild ride, with the community contributing in a great way, that I will write another article about it this month.

Mortal Gods - Mystical Fountain

Actually, I must be glad that I got to paint something at all in October - a "low hanging fruit" were two models for my StarGrave crew. I want to stay true to the neo-retro style that the Northstar miniatures range has, so I take my time and paint a model here and there in my "standard color combination". Somehow a certain black and yellow pattern has become my trademark without me ever really intending on it.

Stargrave - Gundrone Stargrave - Gundrone Stargrave - Gundrone

By the way, I actually already painted these two for November, since Nick_Ryder started a little SciFi November on his channel and I quite like the theme for the month.


Unfortunately, I have also gone slightly overboard this month, which is all the more annoying because the water lilies from Noch, for 7.25 € proved to be a bad buy. Otherwise, I got modeling paste from Vallejo, for 5.30 € and water effect from AK Interactive for 16.43 €, all including shipping costs.

NOCH - Water Lilies NOCH - Water Lilies NOCH - Water Lilies

My budget in October:

Balance previous month: -0,85 €

October 2022 budget: 19,15 €

October 2022 spending: 28,98 €

October 2022 rest: - 9,83 €


Expenses for work materials:

October: 0 €

Balance until October 2022: 84,84 €


That leaves me with just €10.17 for November, but that's not too tragic since I'm mostly focused on finishing my Blood Bowl players for the milestone in November.


Greetings from the Chaosbunker


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