September 2023 review

The last month started with the last mile of the Limesmarsch 2023, and we went to the RömerWelt Rheinbrohl to see the group arrive on their final milestone. Evelien and Tobias of Team Würfelkrieg / Ancient Tracks joined the project and documented a lot along their journey along the Limes.

Limesmarsch 2023 Limesmarsch 2023 Limesmarsch 2023 Limesmarsch 2023 Limesmarsch 2023 Limesmarsch 2023

Our kids had fun, as the Römerwelt covers a playground as well and it was interesting to see the people in roman clothing.

Dino and I joined Games'n Dice Podcast for another episode, we talked about terrain and as this is a vast topic, we split the episode into two, so we will return again for part 2!

I got a nice Birthday present, Horus Heresy Cerastus Knights - two of them! And I'll cover them in a review. I'm really looking forward to this, as we did a indepth coverage on the Adeptus Titanicus Cerastus Knights of the Castigator and Acheron, and now go for the 28-32mm one at 400% size of their smaller brothers. As of today, this is going to be the tallest and most expensive review(s), so far, as I think they might be bit taller than the Dreamforge Leviathan. But we will find that out in the review.

Warhammer 40,000 Horus Heresy - Cerastus Knight Kits

The Anycubic is printing again. Some bits and pieces as scatter terrain and base decoration (those Knights need some proper representation!), and with Skullforge Studios releasing some amazing poses from the Ahsoka series, I had to have Baylan and Enoch, along with Greedo by RavenXStudios and some Evil Recon Orbs by Pocket Dimension Studios. As these will join my Star Wars themed StarGrave series.

Anycubic Mono 4K Star Wars Legions - Supporting Characters

Got quite lucky and was able to buy the OOP Carmine Dragon from Forge World, sculpted by Trish Carden, and had a serious hobby session filling the gaps with green stuff and while I was at it, I did so on another Trish sculpt, her Forest Drake by HarrowHyrst. The Carmine Dragon is an impressive sculpt, I think I have to introduce him in an article of himself.

Forge World - Carmine Dragon Forge World - Carmine Dragon Harrowhyrst - Forest Drake

For the 2nd Edition Retro-Project, I prepared some paint samplers. A miniature each to test the paint job, with an Imperial Fist Space Marine, a Black Legion Chaos Space Marine, a Sister of Battle of the Order of the Sacred Rose and an Eldar who's quite likely becoming a Saim-Hann. While some colours where set by the projects themself, others were decided by something that would be complementary colours or rather a contrast and variety to the other projects. As the Sacred Rose is primarely white, and Black Legion mostly dark grey/blue, almost Black, and Imperial Fists clearly yellow, I was quite undecided with the Eldar,  Iaynden would be out of choice as the paints would be too close to the Imperial Fists, Biel-Tan would be interesting as Green wasn't a major color, but the thorns would be rather difficult to paint, and so I was torn between Saim-Hann in red or Alaitoc in blue. Close call, especially as I thought going with a rather bone colour instead of yellow on Alaitoc.

Warhammer 40,000 - Paint Samplers Warhammer 40,000 - Colour Wheel

So with these projects in mind, quite a lot of Imperial Fists to paint across various systems, I did a restock on paints at Radaddel.

Various Paint Restocks

As the wargaming calendar comes to an end for this year, Rhein-Main-Multiversum was the last scheduled event, as I won't be able to participate ScaleModelChallenge and the Dutch Oldhammer Con was cancelled, I gave myself a push and will give SPIEL another chance. I wasn't to happy about my 2018 visit, and the return after Covid was so-so, but I'll try to give it a more laissez faire approach next Sunday, including keeping an eye out for children board games, to get my kids into gaming.

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