Throwback – Lead Belt Nottingham 2010 – Day 1

In August I have written about my anniversary in "professional" wargaming, and during my time as editor-in-chief I visited a lot of shows and convention, and we did some tours to meet with some of the manufacturers. Our first large tour of that kind was exactly 10 years ago (well in the night from the 14th to the 15th), towards the lead belt.

For those of you not familiar with that term, the lead belt describes the greater Nottingham area / Midlands, as due to Games Workshop sitting there, a lot of other tabletop companies were founded in the surrounding area - many by former Games Workshop employees.

Lead Belt Nottingham

As we were already in touch with the bigger companies for coverage, news and such, we arranged a couple of meetings in and around Nottingham and booked our stay in a hotel in Nottingham (Jury's Inn, proper stay, can only recommend). When I say we, it was Christian/Darkover (my former second-in-command), his wife Sarah, and two friends of mine from the local wargaming club; Andre (the albanian national coach, more on that later) and Lukas (my flatmate from my student days).


Warhammer World 2018 – Hobby Centre, Gaming Area & Bugmans Bar

As our "Operation Sealion 2018" was not only build up on visiting Salute on Saturday, we did a tour to the lead belt of Nottingham, and I was eager to see the renovated Warhammer World, the head quarter of Games Workshop.

The entrance has been redone and the venue is now barrier free. The Rhino is still in the front, and yes it is functional, there are videos of it driving around on facebook.

Games Workshop - Warhammer World Games Workshop - Warhammer World Games Workshop - Warhammer World

The main office got its front re-designed. The Imperial Eagle was replaced by Sigmars Hammer during the release of Age of Sigmar. There are a couple of pictures from the old front in my 2004 coverage of Warhammer World. They even took down the Space Marine, guarding the office front and replaced it with the statue of a Stormcast Eternal. The old Space Marine can now be seen in the yard next to Bugmans Bar.

Games Workshop - Warhammer World Games Workshop - Warhammer World Games Workshop - Warhammer World Games Workshop - Warhammer World Games Workshop - Warhammer World


Back from the Lead Belt

I still owe you guys some reportage on my Nottingham trip.

The 4 days around Warlord Games Day were not only used to visit Warlord Games, but Mantic, Battlefront and the Warhammer World as well.

First off all, what did i bring back to Germany? Due to travelling by plane a little bit less than i would have otherwise.

Nottingham Goodies

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