Warhammer Koblenz Store Opening Party

Today, on August 4th, was the store opening of the new Warhammer store in Koblenz, Germany. I did a preview to this event two weeks ago, A Warhammer store on my door step. The store is located quite central in the city, right next to the shopping mall Löhr Center, so you can get there quite easily by public transport, train or car. I could have gotten there by foot, back in the day when I lived in Koblenz.

Warhammer Koblenz Store Opening Party

Around 10:45 I arrived at the store and there was already quite a queue, some even had brought along their camping chairs, like on the release events of Apple or other large companies. Among the crowd were a couple of cosplayers, resembling the Imperial Guard and troops of the Inquisition. I'm sure you have seen them at events like the RolePlayConvention in Cologne or former Games Days.


A Warhammer store on my doorstep

Earlier this year I saw an unexpected advertisment by Warhammer Recruiting on my facebook feed. They are looking for a Store Manager in Koblenz. Wait a minute? Koblenz? That's my (former) home town. That would mean ... that can't be ... a "real" Warhammer Store right on my doorstep?

Games Workshop Warhammer Store Koblenz Games Workshop Warhammer Store Koblenz

I've lived in Koblenz, the beautiful city at Rhine and Mosel, for 7 years and if you would have told me, we would get a Games Workshop store in our city, I'd laughed and said no way. But on August 4th Warhammer Koblenz will open up. A bit strange feeling for me, the last time I've been to a Games Workshop Store Opening was almost 20 years ago. That was the Games Workshop in Darmstadt on June 26th 1999! I was there with my oldest friend, with whom I started wargaming back in the day.


Arrived in Montabaur!

As mentioned earlier, I moved in July / August from Koblenz to Montabaur. The move is complete, the furniture set up, and I can enjoy the new view.

Schloss Montabaur

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Dead of Winter, a board game and theme for Bolt Action

Last weekend, we used one of the last remaining weekends in Coblenz for another painting-get-together.

Painting Get Together


Moving and cooking

A short update for the summer time. You've seen the coverage on reviews and some recent travels like Salute or the Burg Stahleck.

I've been busy preparing my move in a few weeks. I am trading in this view from my desk in the Chaosbunker.

Ausblick Bruederhaus

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Wehrtechnische Studiensammlung Koblenz

This weekend, was the 15th Long Night of Museums in Koblenz, and i remembered my visit to the Wehrtechnische Studiensammlung (Scientific Collection of Defence Engineering Specimen) two years ago. It isn't Bovington and it isn't Munster, but it is something. So i translated the old article to english and here are the three posts. Enjoy!

Wehrtechnische Studiensammlung 2013 Wehrtechnische Studiensammlung 2013  Wehrtechnische Studiensammlung 2013


The Worlds 2014 – Day 3

The final day of The Worlds, Sunday. A new trophy was seen next to the others, a nice little Diorama.

The Worlds 2014 The Worlds 2014

The Worlds 2014 The Worlds 2014


The Worlds 2014 – Day 2

Saturday, the second day of the Worlds, the action was fully loaded. The last participants arrived and all of the traders had their booth build up. On this day the Warhammer Ancient Battles Tournament started and that's where we want to pick up the coverage.

 The Worlds 2014 The Worlds 2014 The Worlds 2014

The Worlds 2014 The Worlds 2014 The Worlds 2014 The Worlds 2014


The Worlds 2014 – Day 1

I collected the impressions from the Worlds in 3 separate articles, each covering one of the days.

On the weekend from the 15th to 17th August the world championship in historical wargaming were held in Koblenz, Germany, among other systems Field of Glory was played. The host of this event was the KoMiCon, and the location was the freshly renovated Rhein-Mosel-Halle. As the parking lot was moved underneath the hall, we can't delivery parking lot pictures as usual to the regular guests.

In total there were 106 players from 14 countries playing in 6 different gaming systems.

The Worlds 2014 The Worlds 2014 The Worlds 2014


Worlds, World Wars and Resin

Doing some errants after work. Just took delivery of my latest order. No nothing tabletop related, well, not directly. A new lense for my Canon, the EF 50mm f/1.8 II. Quite a plastic bomber, but well we will see what it brings.

But let's get back to the wargaming topic. First announcement, I'll be participating at the Worlds 2014 (historical wargaming world championship) Saga Tournament, as a stand in player at least for the first day. Looking forward to it.

I did order a small package at Warlord Games during the historicon, to buy one Dick Winters which was available for a limited time. But i didn't want to put the shipping costs to waste, so i added  a little something to the order. The stone walls, Patton, a SAS section, some wehrmacht bits and a squad of wehrmacht soldiers with IR rifles.

Warlord Games Order