Pinterest: Inq28, Mutiny and Conversions

Continuing with the coverage from last years advent calendar, I'd like to share some picks from my Pinterest collection. You might have noticed the pinterest widget in the lower right corner of the blog. I started using pinterest to collect websites and images to different topics, and I thought it would be a nice addition to a blog roll, to gather and collect wargaming relevant content.

WilhelMiniatures has some Inq28 delight, very Blanche-esque. So if you like the dark, gritty artwork of John Blanche and the background of Rogue Trader and Warhammer 40.000, you should definitely pay this blog a visit. His conversions are a wild mixture all across the range of parts along with very talented sculpting. Some of the miniatures can be seen in the Blanchitsu articles in White Dwarf and the Games Workshop Gallery.

WilhelMiniatures WilhelMiniatures WilhelMiniatures


Caesars Legion for SAGA

Why not try Saga around 200 B.C. – 200 A.D.?

The basic idea for a warband in this time were the plastic boxes by Warlord Games for Hail Caesar, the Caesar’s Legions to be precise. As this range currently receives a lot of love, last but not least due to the latest Hail Caesar Supplemet Age of Caesar, it was a good time to pick this idea up again.

Warlord Games - Caesar's Legion Warlord Games - Caesar's Legion


Evaluating SAGA

It is time again, to take a look at another open project. After evaluating Blood Bowl, and before that Dystopian Wars including the consequences of the decision (yes, I sold my prussians), the next system to be discussed is a larger "project" - SAGA.


Painting get together

A good friend of mine got himself a great deal on Mantics Mars Attacks at a local gaming store. He's a board gamer and found himself now in possession of miniatures, and asked me if i could help him getting started. So what's better than have a painting get together?

Said and done, spread out a piece of cloth and open up some drinks. Ready to go.

Malkränzchen Malkränzchen


Spanish Souvenirs

My parents were visiting "the Motherland" (in my case Spain - not to be mixed up with "the Fatherland", Germany) 😀 and as the great parents they are (the supported the beginnings of my now 20 years of wargaming madness), they brought along some items i asked for - and some i didn't even thought about asking for.

So beside some delicious sweets and candies (i have a soft spot for oreos), i got a estela de barros / stela that i wanted for the living room, along with a book about the secrets of Cantabria. My father even got me a spanish wargaming magazine (you just know me to well :D). The magazine is called Desperta Ferro! (Awake Iron), which is an medieval catalan battle cry used by the Almogavars.

Desperta Ferro


Spanish Crusaders

I introduced the spanish Crusaders a while ago. And i want to share the current status with you. The bases were prepared with spackle, pva and sand.

SAGA Spanish Crusaders



Two of these 3 hour movies later, i really made some progress. I am currently building some Spartan Scenics, and started with The Great Escape and some of the hallways.

The Spartan Scenics can mostly be assembled without glueing just by sticking it together. They have a tight grip, in many cases too tight, so you need to file down some edges and parts, if you don't want to damage parts by using too much force to put them together. That makes the whole process incredibly time consuming. Beside that the assembly constructions are unclear in many parts, you get one A4 sheet for all of the sets there are - all of them on one single sheet. They don't rotate, they don't go close ups, so some parts, especially on the larger rooms are assembled by guessing, assuming and seeing that is left when you build other stuff. That is not really a good way to go.

Spartan Scenics Spartan Scenics


Spanish Crusaders

Small progress on the Crusaders, put the remaining miniatures on bases. I got custom cut round 50x25mm cavalry bases. Those will fit into "carrier" bases for other systems like Kings of War or Impetus, and will fit Saga as well as Lion Rampant.

Perry Miniatures - Spanish Crusaders


WT auf Pz IV, Banner and Conventions

Weekend Update with Seth Meyers ... erm, no. But Weekend Update is right. Busy weekend.

This weekend was the HdR Szenario, a small convention in the Pfalz. Its held at a Inn outside of a small town and used to be on a castle, the Kauzenburg. So a couple of gaming tables, workshops and a few traders. Quite a nice convention.

HdR Szenario 2015 HdR Szenario 2015


Panzers and Crusader

This update is lurking around since last sunday, pictures taken but no text. So sorry for the delay. I was busy building tanks and armoured vehicles last weekend. I prepared the latest kits from Warlord Games for Bolt Action, the new Panzer IV Ausf. F1/G/H and the SdKfz 234/2 Puma.

The Panzer IV is a great kit, improved a lot compared for example with the Sherman. I took the chance and build the DERP Tier 5 from World of Tanks Version, Panzer IV Ausf. H with 10,5 cm KwK L28. Fear my HE-Shells! I modified the Sideskirts, a bit tricky but i think worth the time.

Bolt Action - Panzer IV Ausf. H + SdKfz 234 Puma Bolt Action - Panzer IV Ausf. H 10,5cm KwK L28