Krupp Protze in the Spanish Civil War

Around early summer last year, I added another light vehicle (a T-26) to my Spanish Civil War (SCW) army. And I am always looking for further, small and/or light (armoured) vehicles to add to this project.

I knew about the heavy field car Krupp Protze being used by the Wehrmacht, mostly as Sd.Kfz. 70 or 69. As it was service since 1934 until the end of world war 2, it would fit into the time frame of the SCW. But when I found this picture in the spanish Bolt Action group on facebook, in service of the nationalist army during the spanish civil war (as Sd.Kfz. 69 towing a PaK 36), I thought it might be a good addition to that project.

Spanish Civil War - Krupp Protze towing PaK 36

And indeed, it would be a good fit for the Bolt Action project. I play the Nationalist as an early war army and the Krupp Protze is simply a heavy field car with a transport capacity of up to 6 and / or a tow for smaller guns. As it would be either a nice transport for a small veteran unit, or to tow a PaK 36 as it is shown in the picture. The civil war was even the first theatre of war, where the gun saw action. So "fluff-wise" we're absolutely safe here.


Painting War: Spanish Civil War

A brief nod towards this spanish artist. Heresy Brush, of whom i am a regular reader, is publishing another PaintingWAR book, this time about the Spanish Civil War.

Painting War - Spanish Civil War


Pinterest: Bearded Wargamers, Spanish Civil War and Modern Combat

Some of you may noticed the pinterest widget in the lower right corner of the blog. I started using pinterest to collect websites and images to different topics, and i thought it would be a nice addition to a blog roll, to gather and collect wargaming relevant content. I am not quite finished with the integration of pinterest, as the currently available widgets are not 100% capable of what i have in mind. But enough of that, i want to start of with 3 recommendations from my pinterest board.

Tale of Bearded Wargamers


Bolt Action Spanish Civil War Carlists

A little update upon the Spanish troops for Bolt Action. If you follow the blog and read some of the older posts, i have chosen a Carlist Army (who historically sided with the nationalists within the spanish civil war). The Carlists are radical catholics, and the idea this army is a small force from northern Spain, that collected and rescued relics. Most miniatures are from Empress Miniatures, with some inquisition miniatures added from Victoria Miniatures. Why? Because nobody expects the spanish inquisition! The spaniards will be played by the "Armies of Germany" Book. The carlists will most likely be early war Waffen-SS, due to the fanatics rule. They are supported by 2 squads of Guardia Civil (mixed quality Volksgrenadiers), a squad of spanish soldiers with german equipment (Heer Infantry), as well as 2 squads of morrocan mercenaries (uncertain if Osttruppen or Volksgrenadiers). Of course a small tank pool may not be missed. So i got them a Hispano Suiza MC-36 (by Minairon Miniatures), and a Panzer II as well as a BA-6 AC by Warlord Games.

As the miniatures lack certain weapon options, i had to be creative and added SMGs to these two miniatures by Empress Miniatures.

Bolt Action - Carlist Command


Grenadiers and SCW

I subscribed to the the Wargames Illustrated digital, as their latest deal is just to good to pass it. A full year of WI issues and a Warlord Games plastic box in a bundle for 60 euros. I went for the brand new German Grenadier box (review to follow).

Bolt Action - German Grenadiers Bolt Action - German Grenadiers Bolt Action - German Grenadiers