Modern Combat – Modern Tanks M1A2 Abrams

As I had quite a good impression of the Tamiya kits in the past, and the 1:48 scale vehicles fit well with larger 28-32mm models, I added to the 1:48 Tamiya HUMVEEs and Black Scorpion's Last Patrol a M1A2 Abrams.

Tamiya Main Battle Tank M1A2 Abrams

The kit is usually priced around 26-30 EUR and casted in sand yellow plastic. The kit is spread across multiple sprues, giving Tamiya the opportunity to use them in different sets / variants. In addition to the decal sheet, there is an a lead bar to up the weight of the tank.

Tamiya Main Battle Tank M1A2 Abrams Tamiya Main Battle Tank M1A2 Abrams Tamiya Main Battle Tank M1A2 Abrams

That is a good start, but I added further lead to the hull.

Tamiya Main Battle Tank M1A2 Abrams

As a "fresh" (is 10 month still fresh? I guess) Dad, I have to be flexible, so parts of the build were done on my old Citadel Paint Station, when I move between my home office and other rooms in the apartment, to keep an eye on the little one. Build was pretty straight forward. Proper instructions and clean cast.

Tamiya Main Battle Tank M1A2 Abrams Tamiya Main Battle Tank M1A2 Abrams

I was a bit afraid of the tracks, as some kits really cover that in a hellish way. You either have some rubber ands or an incredible amount of single tracks (takes for ever to assemble), but this worked pretty well. I assembled the three parts, but didn't glue them, to have better access to the tracks for painting them.

Tamiya Main Battle Tank M1A2 Abrams Tamiya Main Battle Tank M1A2 Abrams Tamiya Main Battle Tank M1A2 Abrams

A brief comparison of the Tamiya Abrams in 1:48 next to a Leopard 2 by Empress in 1:50, it is a bit smaller, but mostly less wide. The tank can be used in many modern scenarios, and of course with Zombie Apocalypse, especially The Walking Dead.

Why TWD? In the comics, in the issue that Rick meets Glenn, he hides in a tank. That is an M1 Abrams. The scene is pretty close in the AMC series, but they used a british Chieftain for the scene. In season 4, when the Governor storms the prison, that's a M60 Patton.

In addition, the tank with Black Scorpion's Last Patrol, Mantic's Walking Dead and Spectre and Hasslefree Miniatures.

Tamiya MBT M1A2 Abrams - Empress Leopard 2A6 Tamiya MBT M1A2 Abrams - Black Scorpion Last Patrol Tamiya MBT M1A2 Abrams - Mantic The Walking Dead Tamiya MBT M1A2 Abrams - Spectre & Hasslefree Miniatures

Fun part, due the colour of the plastic, if you're really lazy, you could simply wash the tank and paint the tracks - done!

I liked the build, proper quality of the cast and fit. Had no problems with the Tamiya kits so far and can highly recommend them. Especially as the current offers for modern 28mm vehicles are mostly resin and not that much of a bargain.

Posted by Dennis B.

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  1. Hi, another cracking review. A minor correction, the Leo2 from Empress is 1/50 not 1/56 and people says that Tamyia 1/48 is quite close to 1/50 (I have their Sherman and Hobby Boss Sherman, the former is a little smaller, even if they both are marketed as 1/48). Considering the Leo 2 is bigger my some centimeters in real life, probably they are well scaled together. One thing that made me wondering in the kit are some closed holes that suggest Tamyia is also planning to release a TUSK version. If they also do an 1/48 M2 I will be happy. On my blog, Forward HQ (shameless plug) I have my own version built and painted.

    By the way, if you look for 1/48 vehicles opposed to 1/56, have a look at Butlers Printed Models, they have a quite good range. Some people says they are rough prints, I have to say that while I own only 15mm model for now the real print lines are much less big in reality than in pictures (also because often they have 15mm versions in the photos and the photos are very close up). WSS did a positive review of their 28mm offering in the past. They are reasonably priced.

  2. I got the Empress kit through another trader and they advertised it as 1:55, that’s the reason why I stated that in the article. And due to the slightly different proportions, it didn’t sound off to me. But anyhow, I’ll change it in the article.

  3. I think we are getting crazy with scales. But Paul and his wife make a big point about 1/50 in their webpage. Me? I think 1/56 is perfect. For ultra modern I tend to have almost all in 1/48- 1/50, but cold war an Vietnam tend to be 1/56. All due to availability of vehicles…

  4. I Love Tamiya and tend to buy Tamiya 1/48 for Smaller vehical’s, Softskins, Motorbikes, Troop carriers and Light Tanks most Large tanks I get Resin Printed in 1/50 (Which is IMHO about perfect for “28mm” I tend to mix infantry scale a little between 28-32mm to get a Realistic body size using Limbs weapons and such fro one scale (looks better than 3 differnt sizes of MP38s fot example, Ilove the Tamiya kits for their Quaility and Perfect proportions, and the weighted chassis 🙂

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