2nd Advent Weekender

St. Nicolas was busy this week, and no I am not talking about the holy Nick Cage, and put a couple of things into the stockings.

I managed to acquire some Hobgoblins from the Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl team at the Games n' Dice demo day. And my first intention was to use that as a base to start from, but I saw a complete team, incl. those special positionals (even the blunderbuss) and went for it. It is a higher invest, but I saved a lot of time and postage on smaller batches and individual orders.

Long story short, I have 15 hobgoblins that I'd like to sell. So drop me a message if you're interested.

Blood Bowl - Chaos Dwarves Team Blood Bowl - Chaos Dwarf Hobgoblins

Then a small package from Nottingham arrived, I used the black friday sales for a couple of things. I added the last two items that I felt were missing from my Cruel Seas fleets to be complete. The Fairmile and R-boat double blisters. But that's not all, Warlord supports the Worcestershire Charity with a special miniature. But not the miniature you might be expecting, at 8 cm standing, without the plinth. It's in memory of the Battle of Gheluvelt.

Cruel Seas - Fairmile D-Class and R23 Boat Warlord Games - Worcestershire Charity Model Warlord Games - Worcestershire Charity Model

The supplements for Munchkin Warhammer 40k have arrived. Both will be reviewed - just a side note, these are the German variants by Pegasus Spiele. Very well themed.

Pegasus Spiele - Munchkin 40k Expansions

And I noticed a few of the events were not yet translated to English and were therefore missing from the coverage / event section. So I added the already done coverage of Crisis 2012 and Re-Action 2012.

Crisis 2012 - Tinsoldiers of Antwerp Crisis 2012 - Tinsoldiers of Antwerp Crisis 2012 - Tinsoldiers of Antwerp

I am very amazed by the recently introduced new Chaos miniatures, the new Start Collecting box got a deep dive at Warhammer Community. The kits aged quite well, whereas I was a bit surprised by the update. But due to the growth of the Stormcasts, Chaos had to become a bit bigger to meet their enemies on eye-level. Impressive details and very action driven poses, a hard contrast to the old models, that were sculpted with the rank & file of Warhammer in mind, so they had to fit on the 25mm square bases. A clear benefit of Age of Sigmar basing. Oh and they added an update to the Path of Glory (mini-campaign / mini-game for your champion) as a freebie as well.

Age of Sigmar - Slaves to Darkness Age of Sigmar - Slaves to Darkness Age of Sigmar - Slaves to Darkness

And a pleasant side effect, I think I have found my colour scheme for my classic Chaos Space Marine project, the black with medium blue highlights looks great. The cloaks and fur is a great addition, that already 2019 Abaddon did well with and something I can see to be added at least the champions and some of the characters.

Haven't had much time to watch series or movies since the last weekender, but I would like to recommend the Youtube channel of Nightshift Martin Kovac, where he covers multiple painting and modelling tutorials on primarely tanks. So this is something for the Bolt Action guys and with some interesting input for the 40k players with vehicles as well.

I am still watching Star Trek - The Next Generation on Netflix. Its 178 episodes at roughly 40 minutes each, so this will take time. But I got the suggestion to give The Bletchley Circle a try (available on Netflix as well) by the Krauthorn podcast (they have a section on movies and series at the end of their episodes, nice idea to round things up).

Have a merry second advent and a goot start into the new week tomorrow!

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