May 2022 review

Where April was a themed month of Stargrave (and we're not finished there, as I still have some posts in preparation), the month of may was focused on Bolt Action.

I covered three reviews, two of them D-Day campaign supplements British & Canadian Sectors and US American Sectors, as well as another plastic kit with the long awaited Inter-Allied Commandos review and some support my 8th Army and Afrikakorps.

Bolt Action -British & Inter-Allied Commandos Bolt Action - Heavy Field Car Steyr 1500A Bolt Action - Morris C8 Quad + QF25

Along with the world war two topics in 28mm, I had the chance to build both variants of the Direwolf Heavy Scout Titan by Forge World for Adeptus Titanicus. And used my access to 3d printing to build a very unique Warmaster Iconoclast. Along with the fresh motivation, I added some more paints to my Legio Astraman. Still a lot to do and I would strongly recommend using airbrush with your titanicus projects, as brush work tends to be a bit slow here.

Adeptus Titanicus - Dire Wolf Heavy Scout Titan Adeptus Titanicus - Warmaster Iconoclast Adeptus Titanicus - Legio Astraman

A big thank you to Pegasus Spiele, as they sent me the latest (german) supplements for Munchkin Warhammer. I've covered the basics sets for both, Munchkin Age of Sigmar and Munchkin Wh 40,000, along with some of the supplements like Death and Destruction or Faith and Firepower. I'll cover these soon, pictures of the unboxing are already taken, it's "just" missing the text.

Munchkin Warhammer

The latest issue of White Dwarf 476 - May 2022 arrived a few days ago. The german version is now send via Austria. Unlike the prior issues incredibly light on the 30k content, but some really nice conversions and showcases in there. For example a Imperial Knight, using pieces of the Imperial Griffon along with a Custodian banner piece as a groin armour. The idea of using Necromunda Cawdor as a militia for an Imperial force isn't new, but well themed, I saw something with the 90s Necromunda miniatures as part of a Sisters of Battle army. And the Imperial Beastmen pick up the Rogue Trader beastmen.

White Dwarf - Issue 476 White Dwarf - Issue 476 White Dwarf - Issue 476

I saw this Dark Mechanicum conversion a few days earlier on social media. Great theme and use of the Necron bits in combination with the AM Manipulus. As for the Age of Sigmar battle report, I dig the terrain, the rocks look great. And for the game itself, a unit this size would just look better on square base in rank and file and not this overcrowded skirmish.

White Dwarf - Issue 476 White Dwarf - Issue 476 White Dwarf - Issue 476

And the hype is real. Games Workshop was so kind to send me a pre-release copy of the Horus Heresy Age of Darkness boxed set. They did a great job with the introduction over Warhammer Fest and keep pumping content out there in a really steady pace. A few chosen content creators and artists from the tabletop community were invited for an early-early teaser and already had the chance to show the content of the kits and what they made with, for example like Stahly from Tale of Painters did with his unboxing.

Horus Heresy - Age of Darkness Horus Heresy - Age of Darkness

Junior was really excited to get his hands on this box and I already took a lot of picture (more than 300 to be precisely), but to be honest, with the unboxings, the content that Games Workshop themself already puts out there, a regular review would be an unnecessary repetition, so I'll change things up a bit this time. We'll do an unboxing and build report, as a starting point but cover more of how to approach the Horus Heresy and what makes it special in its own way, and especially how it differs from 40k and other products from the Games Workshop range. But I have to wait until June 4th to talk about it in detail - so stay with me.

I have to say, I'm quite in the mood for 30k, especially with me currently being on book 5 of the Horus Heresy audiobooks, Fulgrim and after replacing the FEP film on my printer, adding further items to my epic collection. But more on that later in june, I promise.

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