October 2023 review

The post man was quite busy this month, as was Dino with his extensive coverage on Mortal Gods. And one of the events I managed to squeeze in this month was the SPIEL in Essen. And one of the few things, I picked up at the show, was this nice SioCast miniatures. If that name rings a bell, we've seen the machines at the Warlord Games studio. I'm looking forward to drop by their booth at Formnext on November 8th.

SioCast - Spiel 2023 Event Miniature

As I said, the post man was busy, and while I'm still working on the second Italy campaign book for Bolt Action, Tough Guts, which follows up on Soft Underbelly, and my backlog became a bit bigger (incl. the things I brought back from the BOYL trip, another Sd.Kfz. variant).

Bolt Action - Samples

But Warlord Games wasn't the only one restocking my backlog, as I joined the Asmodee Content Creator list and got some samples, so expect some Superheroes and another Star Wars adventure. Really liked building the Shatterpoint terrain sets, and will cover these in reviews.

Asmodee - Shatterpoint and Marvel Crisis Protocol Star Wars Shatterpoint - Terrain

Post-Spiel I ordered a board game to get my eldest started with board gaming, and we went for Dragomino, which fulfills this idea pretty neat. Beyond that, while playing with some tokens, they left them in an interesting layout, that I had to take a picture off, as I think this will be a proper starting point for a star map. You never know what you find at random.

Dragomino Tokens on a Blanket

And after restocking on consumables for the printer, I got it printing again, on quite a schedule. To prepare for the upcoming launch of Legions Imperialis, I printed a lot from the GrimDarkTerrain September '23 and October '23 releases. These will be part of the Epic/Legions coverage as well, with a proper extensive coverage.

Anycubic Print Setup GrimDarkTerrain - Imperial Palace Ruins

While I need some miniatures in different scales for the comparison shots of some of the reviews, I came across a misprint. And troubleshooting can be tricky. Especially as this didn't look like a hardware error, but weird misinterpretation of the print information. A 4mm thick base layer, weird texture on that as well, and all the things that come along with not properly transmitted information.

3d Printing Misprint 3d Printing Misprint 3d Printing Misprint

I checked the FEP, from which I could clean off the remains from the print easily. And while I checked the files on the USB stick - which had the same size - it seems that while copying the PWMA files (sliced info from Photon Workshop), there were some damaged bitmap infos. Two examples of the frames, on the left, how they should look like, and on the right what landed on the USB stick, causing my print to fail.

Photon Workshop - Misprint Photon Workshop - Misprint
Photon Workshop - Misprint Photon Workshop - Misprint

I replaced the USB stick after that, checked the files after copying and could pick up properly printing afterwards again.

Then I covered the Horus Heresy Astartes Battlegroup, but beyond that am working on the Cerastus Knight, both Acheron and Castigator for a review as well. All of the pictures are shot, I'm in the post-editing / texting part of that review.

Horus Heresy - Legiones Astartes Deredeo Pattern Dreadnought Warhammer Horus Heresy - Cerastus Knight

A lot of terrain building going on the last month, I already have an extended collection of the warcry Gnarlwood terrain, but the Scales of Talaxis were just something that I had to have, especially as it motivates me to finally complete my Lizardmen spawning pool that I built from a Shattered Temple. Yet, all those platforms on the Gnarlwood terrain are pure horror to clean up, as removing the mould lines is a real pain.

Warcry - Scales of Talaxis Warcry - Scales of Talaxis Warcry - Scales of Talaxis

I have a few days off at the beginning of this month, so I might be able to get some work done. Thank you for your support, really appreciate the comments. And a great news for next November - Crisis will be back!

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