Legions Imperialis – Adeptus Titanicus

The core rules of Legions Imperialis give you the option to include most, if not all, available options from the Collegio Titanica for your armies as strategic assets. A lot of people were afraid, that Adeptus Titanicus would fall to the same fate as Aeronautica Imperialis did, but not to worry, the magnificent plastic kits are just repacked, as you will have noticed by now from the Pre-Order and from the inlay in the new core set.

Warhammer The Horus Heresy - Legions Imperialis Legions Imperialis - Adeptus Titanicus

You can still buy the Adeptus Titanicus core set (covering 2 reavers and 2 warhounds, along with the rulebook) and with the addition of the Campaign Compendium and one of the allegiance books (Traitor or Loyalist) you would - rulewise - have everything to play Titanicus. I recommend the addition of one of the maniple boxed sets, but more on the below.

As a few questions were asked, we will try to answer them:

Q: Is Adeptus Titanicus dead?
A: No, it's not. You can still buy the starter kit and a lot of the further gaming material. The plastic kits will return, repacked with the double brand logos.

Q: Can I still use Adeptus Titanicus models for Legions Imperialis?
A: Yes, of course! They even included the rules in the core set.

Q: Can I play a whole Titan list or Knight Household?
A: No, that is what Adeptus Titanicus is for, in Legions Imperialis they are - at least for now - "just" supporting units.

Q: Are there Legion specific rules?
A: No, there are no Legion specific rules, neither maniple boni or something like that. You use the individual titans and knights as they are.

But What does that mean for the dual use / use of the models with Legions Imperialis and Adeptus Titanicus? If you come across the old packaging, you can buy them without bigger regret. The only difference will be, that the regular citadel bases are still in the instead of the new flatter Legions bases. Even the new Legions repacks cover the command terminals and weapon cards for the weapon options that are included with the sprues. And all of them come with the big transfer sheets for their classes.

Adeptus Titanicus - Warlord and Warmaster Titan Adeptus Titanicus - Imperial and Cerastus Knights

How big is the difference? We measured that in our updated Warhound review. The regular Citadel bases are about 4mm high, the Legions Imperialis bases are a bit shy of 2mm in thickness.

Horus Heresy Legions Imperialis - Warhound Scout Titan Horus Heresy Legions Imperialis - Warhound Scout Titan Horus Heresy Legions Imperialis - Warhound Scout Titan

The underside of the new bases isn't entirely flat, you could add magnets of about 1mm thickness in case you want to magnetize them for your transport solution. As I like to use the name plates for my titans, I will keep them on the taller bases. It doesn't make that much of a difference game wise.

Warhammer The Horus Heresy - Legions Imperialis Horus Heresy Legions Imperialis - Warhound Scout Titan

With Legions Imperialis, you can use Strategic Assets for your armies. These are included via the Allied Contingents, which are allowed to take up up to 30% of your army points. This means, for some of them you will need to play at least 2.000 if not 3.000 points. I will give you an overview of the current options, including the links to my reviews and build reports (in case you got just the sprues, without any additional content). It is important to point out, that you can not play a full Titan Maniple or Knight Household as a valid list (unless you play 10k points and have 3k of strategic assets), that's what Titanicus is still for. Beside that, currently they wouldn't be able to claim objectives etc. as you need infantry for that.

Titans / Collegia Titanica

The Warmaster Titan is available in two variants, but currently out of stock. Which means that if you currently buy one, it is still the Titanicus packaging with the high base. Both variants sit at 750 points, which means at least battles of 2.500 points to use one of them.

Warmaster with Plasma Destructors
Warmaster Iconoclast

Adeptus Titanicus - Warmaster Titan with Plasma Destructors Adeptus Titanicus - Warmaster Iconoclast

With the Warlord Titan you have a very versatile unit, a bit cheaper at 600 points. And the rules even cover the Psi-Titan of the Warlord-Sinister (which I have here, but not yet covered in an article). The model is currently available for pre-order in the repacked variant, which means they replaced the high base with a flat, pre-sculpted Legions Base, but included the command terminals and weapon cards for the use in Adeptus Titanicus. Various weapon options for the Warlord Titan are available as resin upgrade via Forge World (which shop has been included in the Games Workshop page), and I highly recommend the use of magnets for the weapon layout.

Warlord Battle Titan Volcano Blasters and Apocalypse Missile Launcher
Warlord Battle Titan Power Claw and Plasma Annihilator
Warlord-Sinister Battle Titan (in preparation)

Adeptus Titanicus - Warlord Battle Titan Adeptus Titanicus - Warlord Battle Titan Horus Heresy Legions Imperialis - 120mm Base

We go a base size down to 105mm oval with the Warbringer. This one has only one plastic kit, with an resin upgrade for the Belicosa cannon. The Warbringer plastic kit will return as a repack, just not with wave one. So if you come across a boxed set currently, it will be the Titanicus one, with the higher base. You can pick up the 105mm oval base from the Mail Order. At 525 Points you could include the Warbringer in battles smaller than 2.000 points.

Warbringer Titan with Quake Cannon

Adeptus Titanicus - Nemesis Warbringer Titan with Quake Cannon Adeptus Titanicus - Nemesis Warbringer Titan with Quake Cannon

One the same base size of 105mm oval comes the Reaver Titan. This one is available with two plastic kits covering different weapon loadouts. They are already repacked, covering the flatter bases and the command terminals and weapon cards for the additional use with Titanicus. At 415 Points they easily fit within even 1.500 points army and are a reasonable choice if you want to add other detachments / formations to your allied contingent.

Reaver Battle Titan with Power Fist and Gatling Blaster
Reaver Battle Titan with Melta Cannon and Chainfist

Adeptus Titanicus - Reaver Battle Titan with Melta Cannon and Chainfist Adeptus Titanicus - Reaver Battle Titan Horus Heresy Legions Imperialis - 105mm Base

The smallest titan class are the Warhound Scout Titan and Dire Wolf Heavy Scout Titan. These are all on 80mm round bases. We covered the new weapon options for the Warhound, and as the repack are not available yet for pre-order, all boxed sets are the "old" layout. Same goes for the Dire Wolf, which will be re-released as a plastic kit and replace the resin kit by Forge World and even include new weapon optoins. So unless you buy surplus from a coreset split, you will receive the high bases. At 330 and 385 points you can fit these even with smaller battles.

Warhound Scout Titan with Ursus Claw and Missile Pods
Warhound Scout Titan with Turbo Laser and Plasma Blastgun
Dire Wolf Heavy Scout Titan

Adeptus Titanicus - Warhound Scout Titans Adeptus Titanicus - Warhound Scout Titans Adeptus Titanicus - Dire Wolf Heavy Scout Titan Horus Heresy Legions Imperialis - 80mm Base

And if you're looking, which Titan Legions would be a good fit with your Astartes Legio. I did an overview for the Traitors and the Loyalist forces. Pictures from our Battle for Uulda event.

Adeptus Titanicus - Battle for Uulda Legio Fureans Adeptus Titanicus - Battle for Uulda Legio Tempestus Adeptus Titanicus - Battle for Uulda Legio Atarus

But they didn't just update / repack the Titans, but the smaller Imperial Knights as well, and these will go through the same process of having their bases replaced. Within the Knights there are more options from Forge World, which are now available through Games Workshop online stores and Warhammer brick & mortar stores due to their new joint shopping system. And another addition, these are usually not single models, but you can actually field small units of them. Different to the Titans, the Knight Banners can actually be mixed and most of them have the option to have a supporting Armiger / Moirax talon.

Knights / Knight Households

This one was recently released as a plastic kit for full scale. Games Workshop offered the Cerastus as repacked kits with the flat bases for pre-order along with the main range of Legions Imperialis. Just like the Titans, these come with the command terminals and can be used with both systems. In case you come across a pre-Legions boxed set, the only thing missing are the new 50mm round bases, which are available through mail order. The Cerastus Knight banners start at 215 points for a single model (235 is you go for the Atrapos) and can be 3 models large, at 605 (665 with the Atrapos).

Cerastus Knight Lancer
Cerastus Knight Acheron and Castigator
Cerastus Knight Atrapos

Adeptus Titanicus - Cerastus Knights Adeptus Titanicus - Cerastus Knights Acheron and Castigator Adeptus Titanicus - Mechanicus Cerastus Knight Atrapos Horus Heresy Legions Imperialis - 50mm Base

A bit larger are the Acastus Knight, they are among the heaviest Knights there are and come in two different patterns, the Asterius and Porphyrions. While the Acastus Porphyrion is available in plastic, the Asterius is a resin kit by Forge World. The later is currently up for pre-order with the new 60mm bases, incl. the terminals for the use wit the Adeptus Titanicus. They come either as single or doubles for 250 points each, and have the option for the Armiger / Moirax talon.

Acastus Knight Porphyrion
Acastus Knight Asterius (in preparation)

Adeptus Titanicus - Acastus Knight Porphyrion Adeptus Titanicus - Acastus Knight Porphyrion Horus Heresy Legions Imperialis - Acastus Knight Asterius Horus Heresy Legions Imperialis - 60mm Base

These were the first Knights to be released in plastic for the Adeptus Titanicus range, the Questoris Knights. They come with a lot of options and got an upgrade with the missile pod on top. The Questoris Knight are rather cheap starting at 180 points and can be upgraded to a banner of 3, along with the option for the Armiger / Moirax talon. And of course, for another 15 points per model, they move from regular Questoris Knights to the Mechanicum Knigts Styrix and Magaera. All of them are currently for pre-order with the updated packaging of flat 40mm round bases and the terminals for the use with Titanicus.

Questoris Knights (with gauntlets and missile pods)
Questoris Knights Styrix and Magaera

Adeptus Titanicus - Mechanicum Questoris Knights Styrix and Magaera Adeptus Titanicus - Questoris Knights Horus Heresy Legions Imperialis - 40mm Base

And the tiniest of them all, the Armiger and Moirax, are just upgrades / addition to the other Knight banners and not a unit of them own. Both of them are already updated products by Forge World in resin, with the flat 25mm round bases and command terminals.

Knight Armiger (in preparation)
Knight Moirax (in preparation)

Horus Heresy Legions Imperialis - Questoris Knight Armiger and Mechanicum Knight Moirax Warhammer The Horus Heresy - Legions Imperialis

Games Workshop already announced that they will bring back the battle forces for Titanicus, which will be a great starting for both, Titanicus and a whole set of Strategic Assets for Legions Imperialis. They had amazing savings in the past (around 40% on RRP) and you could get them from FLGS, which gave you additional savings.

Horus Heresy Legions Imperialis - Titan Battlegroups Horus Heresy Legions Imperialis - Titan Battlegroup Horus Heresy Legions Imperialis - Knight Household

I am very excited for this, as that means I have additional opportunities to field my Legio Astraman and am looking forward to build Legio Magna for the traitors. Especially as this motivates me to prioritize the allied Knight Households, as for bases, I like the name plates for Titans, as it underlines their iconic and unique nature. So I most likely keep the Titanicus bases for everything Warhound and bigger, and maybe just use the flat bases for the Knights.

What about you, how are you going to do the basing of these?

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