Perry Miniatures AEC ‘Dorchester’ Armoured Command Vehicle

Fresh from the molds, the AEC Command Vehicle by Perry Miniatures, directly covered as a review as part of the Africa themed week.

Perry Miniatures - AEC Dorchester

The AEC 4x4 Command Vehicle was the most common ACV (armoured command vehicle) of the British Army. It was based upon the AEC Matador chassis (although available by the Perrys as code WR W47), as the British used to develop and employ purpose-built armoured trucks and busses as command vehicles.


Winter is coming

With the last two month of this year right around the corner, the planning for Winter is necessary. One of the next events on my schedule is the Crisis, as I already shared with you here - Crisis 2017 prelude.

Usually I prepare an advent calendar for December, but this year I'll schedule something different. I'd like to switch to some themed weeks, but still delivery some special topics on the advent sundays. So what do I have on my mind? Well, the review schedule has still a few things to cover. You are most likely well aware of the world war 2 heavy content, so expect a some vehicle kits in resin and plastic, and a few infantry sets among them as well.

Resin Washlot Game of Thrones Mug - Winter Is Coming


Bolt Action IS-3 Heavy Tank

Welcome to russian tank week, comrade! Start of this short series of 3 russian tank reviews will be the IS-3, Iossif Stalin, heavy tank recently released by Warlord Games for Bolt Action and Konflikt 47.

Bolt Action - IS-3 Heavy Tank


Bolt Action PzKpfw VIII Maus

On friday, January 20th, Warlord Games offered a limited access to the first 35 Maus tanks for Bolt Action and Konflikt 47. I was lucky enoug to get one, as the tanks were quickly sold out. But do not despair, they will be available from mid / late february again in higher numbers.

Ordered on friday, shipped on monday and arrived on thursday in Germany. Solid timing. As the Maus is a direct sales / Mail Order exclusive, it comes in a bubblewrap bag without a box.

Bolt Action - Panzer VIII Maus super-heavy Tank Bolt Action - Panzer VIII Maus super-heavy Tank Bolt Action - Panzer VIII Maus super-heavy Tank


Forged Monkey – Ragnok, Norse Orc Hero

With the second part of the 4th Vikings season coming back, it is a good time to cover Ragnok, the Norse Orc Hero.

Forged Monkey - Ragnok, Norse Orc Hero

The bust was originally available through Forged Monkey. It was founded in 2011 by Raffaele Picca, and released twelve busts and three figures. In early 2015 the official webstore closed and Forged Monkey was put on ice, but later that year Fernando took care of the range and distributes them since in his own store, Fernando Ruiz Miniatures.


Crooked Dice – Paranormal Exterminators Vehicle

Who you gonna call? You get the reference! 😉 Crooked Dice released earlier this year the Paranormal Exterminators Vehicle for their 7 TV Range.

Crooked Dice - Paranormal Exterminators vehicle – PX1


Ayora Studio – Meinolf, the last Captain

In June of this year Ayora Studio released a limited edition of Meinolf, the last Captain, a 54mm miniature.

Ayora Studio - Meinolf, the last Captain


Micro Art Studio Wolsung Markets

Micro Art Studio, who offers a few sets of scatter terrain and sight-blockers, like the fuel depot, now added for Wolsung a few market sets. Of these I bought myself the spice and fish market, that are generic enough to be used for several settings, and I'd like to share them with you on here.

Micro Art Studio - Wolsung Market Micro Art Studio - Wolsung Market


Aradia Miniatures – Toad King

Aradia Miniatures is a small miniature company from Italy. Their high class resin miniatures already caught my eye on some of the painting blogs around the web, and i had the chance to meet them at Scale Model Challenge.

In this review, i'll take a look at the Toad King. It is a resin miniature in 54mm scale. The toad king himself is roughly 60mm tall and costs 30 Euros.

Aradia Miniatures - Toad King Aradia Miniatures - Toad King


Ainsty Castings

This is actually an article, that i wanted to write for a long time. I bought some Ainsty Castings at Antwerps Crisis one or two years ago, and wanted to share my impressions with you.

Terrain is an important part of gaming and as such i am looking for affordable / reasonably priced pieces, that can be used for several settings. I found good prices at Ainsty Castings (was even able to get a bit of a bargain at the show) and got myself a small cemetery and a couple of boxes.

Ainsty Castings