Oldhammer much?

This year is my 20th (!) "anniversary" in wargaming. Still can't believe it has been that long, since my first miniatures and wargaming rules.


Inspired by the exhibiton at Tactica 2017 and associated contest on Sweetwater, I would like to share my beginnings in wargaming. It must have been the summer of 96, in an art study group at school. Somebody had Heroquest miniatures with them, and my oldest friend Holger remembered, seeing those at a toy store near our home town. We had 30-60 minute car travels (well, we annoyed our parents until the drove us) to nearby cities, to get our hands on our first White Dwarfs. In September I bought my first miniature, a Space Marine Veteran Sergeant or Captain, that I painted directly in store - in the colour of the Blood Angels, as those are part of the current starter box. Later that year I subscribed to White Dwarf, as it was an incredible hassle to get one in the countryside.


Back from the Lead Belt

I still owe you guys some reportage on my Nottingham trip.

The 4 days around Warlord Games Day were not only used to visit Warlord Games, but Mantic, Battlefront and the Warhammer World as well.

First off all, what did i bring back to Germany? Due to travelling by plane a little bit less than i would have otherwise.

Nottingham Goodies

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Warhammer World 2004

In 2004 i visited the Warhammer World for the third time, and here are a few impressions from back then.

The Bugmans Bar and Warhammer World were re-designed.  About the Bugmans Bar, as the Games Workshop Employees eat there as well, it has quite a selection of food, it's tasty and there are even some healthy options. Beside that, decent prices and broad choices of beverages.

And sorry for the mediocre image quality, i just had a small powershot back then.

Warhammer World - 2004 Warhammer World - 2004 Warhammer World - 2004 Warhammer World - 2004 Warhammer World - 2004 Warhammer World - 2004

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