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December is moving forward, closer to christmas and it is time again to cover some more picks from pinterest and the boards.

The french Blog le Kouzes is entirely focussed on 40k, some really nice conversions and he covers an advent calendar as well. Just look at this conversions, like the arbites from the latest human Blood Bowl team, the flyer based upon a knight or this extensive plague centurion. If you dig into it, you'll find years and years of content, going back to 2008 (56 articles alone back then...).

Le Blog de Kouzes Le Blog de Kouzes Le Blog de Kouzes



Project idea
As part of the "6 Warcaster" series for the Tabletop Insider i started a Khador Warband. But not in red, but in green. Red is ungrateful to paint and i wanted something that would be different. For that reason, i was researching, what options i'd have. I have seen Khador with wintercamo, as a Black Guard even in the red-gold of the Spartans. The russian / soviet roots in mind, i went with green.

Current Status
To end the article series, i slimed down the points to 35, to stay within the time limit. You can see the different steps of painting within the blog. The final result is a solid tabletop standard. It could have been better, and it is not one of my best paintjobs, but given the circumstances it is okay.

Depending on motivation and use, i could imagine to touch them up a bit with more details. Finer highlights and decals from russian vehicles.

Khador Butcher Khador Mechaniks Khador Troopers

Khador Jacks Khador Manowars

Next steps
As the project was reduced to 35 points, there are quite a few miniatures on the sideboard, among them further warjacks, more rifle corps, man-o-wars and bigger things like the Colossal and a Battle Engine. But actually, due to the Update to Mk III and the lack of playing this game, i tend to sell the larger unpainted parts, like the Battle Engine and most of the sideboard.

Khador Khador Tabletop Art - Trench warfare 120mm Base Backdrops

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Winter is coming

Winter is coming. I finally completed the 35 Points of Khadorians. I really pushed myself to finish these miniatures ... and i had the deadline for the next Tabletop Insider 😉

Khador Butcher Khador Mechaniks Khador Troopers


Wednesday Update #1

Answering the question, do the backdrops reflect? It depends. A quick snapshot what it's good for ...



Vacation Time

First day of vacation and the first signal of "hobby life". So what's on in the past time and what is coming for me and my dear readers? I'm going to show you some of my PIPs and WIPs, as well as preparing my trip at the end of the week. What trip? Well, i am off to the Lead Belt, Nottingham, at thursday and will stay there for the Warlord Games Day among other dates / events. I'll keep you posted on that 🙂

So, its monday morning 9 am, what is the status quo? I'd like to give you a short impression of the desk. I am currently painting my Khadorians.




A prolonged Whitsun Weekend means some time for the hobby. I put some additional paint onto the Khador, more progress on the basic colours. Slowly, but steady.

Warmachine - Khador Warmachine - Khador


Stripping Paint and new Arrivals

... And the Results are in! Well, two big jars filled with miniatures and mellerud and thats the finished product after some serious scrubbing. Some of the miniatures were probably painted 20 years ago with some crazy sticky primer. There are some nice old and rare miniatures among them, like the tyranid cultists and daemons.

Stripping Paint

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Last day of January

A brief review on what was going on within the last days and weeks. In the mid of the month i participated at a Painting Day, brought along my freshly primed Khadorians and bazinga! even did some painting done.

Khador Khador


Koblenz is calling

After a whole week in the no-hobby-zone of Basel (Nothing going on, and i mean nothing) I was really looking forward to the Painting and Gaming day at my FLGS CTU in Koblenz.

We have a strong warmachine gaming scene in Koblenz and so it was no wonder, that the German National Championship was one by one of us (congrats Robin!). But it wasn't all about gaming, there was painting as well, as the next Field of Glory Army from the albanian national Coach in the third picture shows.

CTU Koblenz CTU Koblenz CTU Koblenz