Urban planning, Afrikakorps motor pool and the weekend

The Rohan articles got a lot of feedback, and I am pretty amazed by the kits (the houses are great and I just ordered a second palisade kit), so that topic will be further continued / developed.

The Lord of the Rings - Rohan House with added scenery bits The Lord of the Rings - Rohan House Scene Mockup

I have some generic terrain items in my collection, that can be used for almost everything, like boxes and crates. Along with the Renedra kits that I bought, I did a bit of scenes to see how they scale and work with eachother. I guess I have to paint those up fast and take some scenic pictures with Dino's Sword & Sorcery Frostgrave warband. But I'll go into detail on the kits that were used and how they fit in the separate posts.


SdKfz 6/3 Diana for the Afrikakorps – but how?

As if the decision about the Sd.Kfz. 7 wasn't hard enough, a few weeks ago I found this one, the Sd.Kfz. 6/3 Diana. It is based upon the Sd.Kfz. 6, which is basically a lighter predecessor of the Sd.Kfz. 7 "only" being able to tow 5t instead of 8t. It was fitted with captured Soviet 76-mm divisional guns model 1936 (F-22) and an armoured superstructure was build around it.

Sd.Kfz. 6/3 Diana Sd.Kfz. 6/3 Diana Sd.Kfz. 6/3 Diana

The Sd.Kfz. 6 is not available in 28mm, the Diana can only be bought as model kits or 15mm, but it was in service in the Afrikakorps. So it would fit in the project and would be another great field conversion and outstanding rarety. Yet, how to approach this project?


SdKfz 7 for the Afrikakorps – but which variant?

Didn't we need a tow for the 8,8 cm FlaK? Here it is! The mighty Sd.Kfz. 7, or Sonder-Kraftfahrzeug 7 − Mittlerer Zugkraftwagen 8t (German for medium towing motor vehicle 8t) as the full name of this interesting vehicle was. So far, there are a couple of resin kits on the market, and then Rubicon came along with a plastic kit.

Rubicon Models - SdKfz 7 Mittlerer Zugkraftwagen 8 t

The Rubicon kit comes with a few variants incl., it can be build open or closed, so covers a tarpaulin for the back seats, or can be build with a flat bed to cover the Sd.Kfz. 7/1 and 7/2 variants, sporting different FlaK guns on the back.


8,8 cm FlaK 37 for the Afrikakorps

I already have an 8,8 FlaK, the kit by Warlord Games / Italeri, and the Blitzkrieg one, but as I wanted a mounted one, that could be towed, I looked into the Rubicon kit as well (and because my Afrikakorps almost exclusively uses Rubicon kits for vehicles).

Rubicon Models - 8,8 cm FlaK 36/37


Afrikakorps and Conversions

Spend some time at the weekend with the airbrush. Preparing my Afrikakorps, which consists mostly of Rubicon vehicles and Perry infantry.

I started with Vallejo black primer. You can use it directly from the bottle, but i thin it down a bit never the less. You get a thinner coat with the airbrush, compared to the spray can. But it takes a bit longer. And it is a bit more matt finish. At the moment the motorized part of the Afrikakorps consists of an Tiger I, a Panzer III and IV, SdKfz 251 and Opel Blitz, with two more to come. The Greif and Kübelwagen aren't prepared yet and will follow in another batch.

Rubicon Models - Deutsches Afrikakorps Rubicon Models - Deutsches Afrikakorps Rubicon Models - Deutsches Afrikakorps


Bolt Action Afrikakorps II

In addition to the short review on the plastic Afrikakorps, i will show you the other miniatures of this project. Head of this army is no other than Rommel himself. The Perrys do offer him inside his famous Greif, but this one is a show exclusive from World War AE / Cipher Studio. He is accompanied by the Zug Command from the Perry metal range.

Perry Miniatures - Afrikakorps Perry Miniatures - Afrikakorps


Bolt Action Afrikakorps

I built my Afrikakorps already, but want to share my impressions of the plastic Afrikorps by the Perrys in this small review.

Perry Miniatures - Afrikakorps


May 2022 review

Where April was a themed month of Stargrave (and we're not finished there, as I still have some posts in preparation), the month of may was focused on Bolt Action.

I covered three reviews, two of them D-Day campaign supplements British & Canadian Sectors and US American Sectors, as well as another plastic kit with the long awaited Inter-Allied Commandos review and some support my 8th Army and Afrikakorps.

Bolt Action -British & Inter-Allied Commandos Bolt Action - Heavy Field Car Steyr 1500A Bolt Action - Morris C8 Quad + QF25


Heavy Field Car – Steyr 1500A for the DAK

With the first supply drop this year back in february of the Rubicon novelties, I did not only get my hands on some reinforcement for the British with the Morris C8 and a QF-25, but a nice heavy field car (at least that's the matching entry on EasyArmy) for my Afrikakorps as well with a Steyr 1500A/01.

Bolt Action - Heavy Field Car Steyr 1500A Bolt Action - Heavy Field Car Steyr 1500A


Morris towing a field gun for the 8th Army

Covering the motor pool for my 8th army last november, and for certain guns you need a proper tow in Bolt Action. For that reason I got myself a Morris and the fitting QF gun by Rubicon Models via Tabletopper from the netherlands.

Bolt Action - Morris C8 Quad + QF25

The Morris C8 "Quad" can be build as either the MK II or Mk III field artillery tractor. It's a compact kit, two sprues, two hulls and a few options for the different marks.