February 2021 review

February is over and I'm still waiting for the arrival of my UK packages ... because it is still post-brexit chaos.

UPS Status

After not delivering on february 4th, I got another new date on february 23rd and yeah, UPS didn't deliver then either. It went through customs for the third time and saturday night I got a new delivery date on the packages. Maybe third time's a charm?

UPS Status UPS Status UPS Status

Other shipments by GW/FW were shipped on february 22nd and delivered on 24th in Germany. Yeah, congrats to my pal ... still would like to receive my packages. Because in logistics we usualy do first-in-first-out. But GW aren't the only one having their shipments delayed, Warlord's packages to me are still on their way as well.

But others delivered, so I received the mecha-rulebook for Gamma Wolves. And some Renedra kits, along with Old West fillers to save on postage. I'll cover the middle eastern houses in a review,

Osprey Games - Gamma Wolves Miniaturicum Arrivals

While reducing the stock, I took a long look at my White Dwarf collection and decided to give it a try to scan them and keep the digital copy, as that would save up on shelf space big time. I have the first 100 issues of the German White Dwarf complete, along with some individual issues beyond that. 5 years of that are from my subscription back in the day (beginning with issue 12), so it was a bit of internal hassle to physically destroy the issues. Therefore I went for one of the duplicate issues that I have, cut off the back and put in the automatic document feeder. Takes a bit of time, as the batches have to be less than 15-20 pages (scanner wifi-buffer limitation), but overall I'm content with the results. So I'll do that in the next months beginning with the younger issues working back to the older ones.

Scanning White Dwarf Scanning White Dwarf Scanning White Dwarf

As I had to cut multiple times with a steel ruler and cutter, so I lend one of these from my parents, as that should speed up the preparation.

Scanning White Dwarf

I prepared a few sale posts, covering Empire and Orcs, along with some miniature swaps, and I'm really eager for the next HANS! to arrive.

miniature swap with Gregor / SirLeon Kramkiste

And I build a few Humvees for some distraction, and added some resin parts and scale comparisons.

Tamiya - 1:48 US Modern 4x4 Utility Vehicle HUMVEE Tamiya - 1:48 US Modern 4x4 Utility Vehicle HUMVEE Tamiya - 1:48 US Modern 4x4 Utility Vehicle HUMVEE

Let's go to the streaming and binge suggestions.

I started to watch the Clone Wars on Disney+, so to along with my latest Star Wars acquisitions. Not just a kids tv show, quite well made story and certainly not healthy if you want to keep it small with your Star Wars projects. I put the Rebels show on my to-watch list as well. On Disney+ I gave Wandavision another go, after it was recommended multiple times to give it another try. And yes, it gets better once you get to episode 4. Just incredibly short episodes, more like one of the sitcoms, and therefore it takes a bit to get the story going.

And I picked up some german series and movies, Oktoberfest 1900, which feels a bit like it would like to be somekind of german Peaky Blinders - but didn't really pull it of. It is a tv production of german public television, so I'm a bit irritated to see it on Netrflix, but I guess that is part of the distribution deal. Another recent release on Netflix is Der Goldene Handschuh. Tough one, not a great movie, not a bad one either, but I think it would have worked as a true crime thingy on netflix as well or even better.

While Grand Tour is still waiting for the next installment, I noticed there is a new show with James May on Amazon, called "Oh Cook". Easy going cook show, well known humour and entertainment by May, who I loved in his wine adventure, Japan show and other formats. And as a huge The Shield fan, I gave Coyote a try. A bit cliche and not really a new story, but some sort of meta joke, as Vic becomes an ICE agent in the final episode and now works as an border patrol agent in Coyote.

So, welcome to March, closing down on one year of home office. Stay say and healthy.

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