Crisis 2017 – Part I

Saturday morning, short of 10 a.m., once again we are in front of the halls of the Waagnatie Expo. Decorated with the eight large banners, that can be seen from afar. It is time for Crisis 2017.

Crisis 2017 - Tinsoldiers of Antwerp

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Intro to Crisis 2017 Antwerp

It is this time of the year, early November and the TinSoldiers of Antwerp host their annual show, the Crisis. For me, preparation started in summer just when I got back from New Zealand, getting the team ready and booking hotel rooms.

Crisis 2017 - Antwerp Crisis 2017 - Antwerp Crisis 2017 - Antwerp Crisis 2017 - Antwerp


Winter is coming

With the last two month of this year right around the corner, the planning for Winter is necessary. One of the next events on my schedule is the Crisis, as I already shared with you here - Crisis 2017 prelude.

Usually I prepare an advent calendar for December, but this year I'll schedule something different. I'd like to switch to some themed weeks, but still delivery some special topics on the advent sundays. So what do I have on my mind? Well, the review schedule has still a few things to cover. You are most likely well aware of the world war 2 heavy content, so expect a some vehicle kits in resin and plastic, and a few infantry sets among them as well.

Resin Washlot Game of Thrones Mug - Winter Is Coming


Crisis 2017 Prelude

Only a month until Crisis 2017! On November 4th the hangars Antwerps harbour area will open their doors for Europe's biggest wargaming event on the mainland.

TinSoldiers of Antwerp - Crisis 2017


Crisis 2015 – Part III

And let's get ready for the final part about the Crisis in Antwerp. Stronghold Terrain was there as well, and showed their lovely, detailled terrain pieces and miniatures, for Saga, for world war II and even the dark future.

Crisis 2015 - Stronghold Terrain Crisis 2015 - Stronghold Terrain Crisis 2015 - Stronghold Terrain

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Crisis 2015 – Part II

Let's continue with some traders and producers of fine miniatures. Freebooters Miniatures is a familiar and regular guest at the Show. In case you missed the novelties at Spiel, you had the chance to see and get them at Crisis.

Crisis 2015 - Freebooters Fate Crisis 2015 - Freebooters Fate

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Crisis 2015 – Part I

Oh Boy! What a glorious weekend at the 20th (!) Crisis last saturday! Once again the Tinsoldiers of Antwerp invited into Hangar 29 for the '15 Crisis and i wasn't the only one to come.

Crisis 2015 - Tinsoldiers of Antwerp Crisis 2015 - Tinsoldiers of Antwerp Crisis 2015 - Tinsoldiers of Antwerp

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Crisis 2015 yield!

I am back! From a whole weekend in Antwerp, spend the time beside the show discovering the city (more on that later). It was the 20th Crisis, hosted by the Tinsoldiers of Antwerp, and i'll begin with my yield from the show.

Crisis 2015 Crisis 2015

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Crisis 2015 Teaser

This weekend it is time for Crisis in Antwerp, and as it is the biggest wargaming event in continental europe i am really excited and looking forward for this long weekend in Belgium.

So what am i excited about? First of all, the novelties on this show are broad and diverse, so from tiny 6mm up to 40mm, from fictional to historical there are so many things to see. What did catch my eye before the show?

Crisis 2015 Plan Crisis 2015 Plan


Early Christmas

Last week was kinda early Christmas wargaming-wise. First my order at Warchimera, a small polish manufacturer, finally arrived. The Defense Line is modular and what you see below is roughly 60 Euros incl. shipping.

Warchimera Warchimera

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