Lollis, Titans and the White Dwarf

Let us start with a serious topic. Health is such a valuable good and many of us take it for granted. DKMS has developed a lolly, that makes it pretty easy to get yourself registered as a donor for blood / bone marrow cancer. You can order the lolly for free, follow the instructions, send in the swap to get registered. Easy as that.

DKMS - Life Lolli DKMS - Life Lolli DKMS - Life Lolli

A good friend of mine is already registered and was even a match for someone. He got notified, went through the donation step and could help save or at least prolong somebody elses life. If you want to know more about the topic, visit DKMS UK or the german DKMS website (available in english).

Think about it, as you could not only improve the life of just one person, but the whole family and friends depending on that person.

Golden Demon - Silver Demon 2003 40k Unit Golden Demon - Silver Demon 2003 40k Unit Golden Demon - Silver Demon 2003 40k Unit

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a nice rarity. Another item for my private collection - a Golden Demon trophy from 2003. Oddly enough I was thinking about just that a few weeks ago and due to a few coincidences it happened - and here it is.

And a few more packages with goodies from the Leadbelt arrived. As promised, I stocked up on the Palisades and Manufactorum Imperialis (thanks for the quick delivery to Radaddel). With the Palisade and Watchtower, I'll just keep the wall sections, so if you're interested in the watchtower - let me know. The Manufactorum will be used for base details on my Titan maniples. Really looking forward to it.

North Star supplied me with the latest Oathmark kit, they just introduced cavalry to their plastic kit range. After we've shown the Goblin infantry recently, Dino and me are really keen to see how the wolf riders turned out.

Games Workshop - Re-Supply Oathmark - Goblin Wolf Riders

As creative input is very valuable to me, I am on multiple platforms to look for it. Instagram is not just about selfies and foodporn, but wargaming is quite the topic on there (especially the painting community). As I am currently quite deep into the Adeptus Titanicus creative process, I'd like to share these two with you, Jarring Wharf, who did some great dynamic poses on the Titans and the well-known Shibboleth, with his great mixture of Gundam and small scale buildings for Adeptus Titanicus terrain.

Instagram - Jarring Instagram - Shibboleth

White Dwarf Februar issue just arrived. As usual with the special full artwork cover for the subscription.

White Dwarf - February 2020

At the first glanze, compared to the issue of the last months a bit heavy on text, lots of storys and fluff. Even a not so short short story from Black Library in this issue. The Orruk warclans get a proper part of attention, incl. foliant, warcrolls and such, matching the forecoming release of the next Beastgrave Warband. I like the painting tutorials for two different levels of quality.

White Dwarf - February 2020 White Dwarf - February 2020

From there the magazine goes all across the range. Fyreslayers for Warcry, Underworlds tactics, Eversor Assassin for Blackstone Fortress, aircraft markings for Aeronautica, tactics for Middleearth.

White Dwarf - February 2020 White Dwarf - February 2020 White Dwarf - February 2020

The vigilus campaign incl. the four warlords and multiplayer battle report takes up a lot of this issue. An article on the Realm of Chaos, both in fantasy and 40k visits the garden of Nurgle, incl. multiple ideas and colourshemes on the father of decay. And among the showcase the Great Unclean One by Frank, the german community manager. Congrats!

White Dwarf - February 2020 White Dwarf - February 2020

Usually I'd say, there is something for everyone in there. But the balancing is a bit steep, so the everything part is rathe thin. So if neither the Orruks, nor Nurgle or the Vigilus campaign appeals to you, this issue most likely will only be a quick browse for you. I had some hopes on the Aeronautica markings article, but it is more or less just what you see in the picture above.

On my way back from an event in Frankfurt, I stopped at Bierboutique Ølwechsel in Bockenheim. It is actually a garage, but they do sell a proper selection of Craftbeer. Grabbed a few bottles, mostly ales, to add to my untappd list. This is one of quite a few addresses regarding beer in Frankfurt, for example naiv.

Bierboutique - Oelwechsel Bierboutique - Oelwechsel

And as this is the weekend update, let's close the sunday post with a brief overview on what's streaming!

Hunters was released on Amazon last friday. A powerful Tarantino meets Munich series, on Nazi-Hunters in the 70s. Oddly enough with Ted Mosby and Saul Rubinok. The later is recently saw in on of the TNG episodes from 1990, as Kivas Fajo. But more important - with the great Al Pacino. Better Call Saul will start with season 5 (which is not the ultimate but pen-ultimate, as I mistakenly wrote in the first february weekender). And on top of that The Walking Dead returns from its mid-season break. To be honest, the whole Zombie thing is just not really getting through to me anymore. If still have to catch up with the first half of season 10 along with the last one and a half season of Fear the Walking Dead. And to be honest, "prioritywise" watching Trek is more interesting at the moment.

Fresh off the Boat, a tv-series that I was made aware on my flights with Singapure Airlines to New Zealand and back, aired the final episodes this weekend. Felt a bit rushed, a few flashbacks, but no real sum-up. Well, it was an easy-going series and it went off the air the same way.

That's it for today, enjoy your Sunday.

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