Wellington Great War Exhibition Part 2

The Great Hall of the GWE ends in a hallway, leading on one way towards the cafe and shop, and on the other end towards the ANZ room.

Wellington The Great War Exhibition Wellington The Great War Exhibition

After the hard focus on the western front, the hallway moves over to the New Zealand part of the ANZAC. Explaining which parts of the country raised what regiments, numbers and where they were shipped to. Colourised images of the mustering troops, the gear and so on.


Enjoying the holidays

I hope everyone enjoyed the last few days, had the chance to slow down a little and maybe even had a bit of time to spare on the our beloved hobby. In my case - you remember the test miniatures from the 24th? - I did a bit of progress on the SAGA warbands last thursday.

SAGA test miniatures


Crusader Carts

Inspired by the SAGA Scenario "The Escort", i'm looking for something that would make a good baggage train for my spanish Crusaders. As I already used miniatures from the Perry Crusader range, I thought it made sense to look at their range again for the additional baggage train / wagons.

Unfortunately, they don't have specific ones for the crusades, but others from the War of the Roses range. I'm not a specialist on these, so which would fit an early middle ages, around 1.000 - 1.200 A.D.? They have a few, between 11 and 21 pound to offer.

Perry Miniatures - War of the Roses carts and wagons Perry Miniatures - War of the Roses carts and wagons Perry Miniatures - War of the Roses carts and wagons Perry Miniatures - War of the Roses carts and wagons


More Mars Attacks and Spaniards

Mid of the january we continued our painting projects. Flo on his - now enlarged - Mars Attacks collection, and i continued on the spaniards. I've added a few pilgrims as another 1 point selection to my crusaders. Those are perry miniatures codes CU26 and CU27.

Malkränzchen Malkränzchen Spanish Pilgrim


Pinterest: Pijlie, Je Lay Emprins and KrautScientist

Here we are, Christmas is coming closer and i want to show you the next three picks from my pinterest board.

Let's begin with Pijlie's Wargames Blog, a dutch neighbor. His Jugula project was the one, i found first and other ongoing projects are not less interesting. So beside the 1:35 gladiator set-up, that i follow as well with the same miniatures, you'll find awesome paintjobs, Frostgrave and nice tours, among others in Berlin.

Pijlie´s Wargames Blog - Jugula Pijlie´s Wargames Blog - Jugula Pijlie´s Wargames Blog - Jugula

If you want to get a closer look on those miniatures and maybe meet a few of them in person, pay a visit to Poldercon in Utrecht, NL, on 7th February 2016.



Pinterest: League of Augsburg, History Maker and Agincourt

Continuing with the introduction of my pinterest board, this time it is about dioramas and lovely terrain. Once again a set of 3, starting with the League of Augsburg.

The League of Augsburg, home of Warfare Miniatures, has an active blog, that covers a lot of different posts around the 16th and 17th hundreds. Among them an interesting series about building the Derrys Walls, including some amazing reference pictures.

You can find the build, from part 1 to currently part 7 over here.

League of Augsburg League of Augsburg League of Augsburg


Spanish Crusaders

I introduced the spanish Crusaders a while ago. And i want to share the current status with you. The bases were prepared with spackle, pva and sand.

SAGA Spanish Crusaders


Bolt Action Afrikakorps II

In addition to the short review on the plastic Afrikakorps, i will show you the other miniatures of this project. Head of this army is no other than Rommel himself. The Perrys do offer him inside his famous Greif, but this one is a show exclusive from World War AE / Cipher Studio. He is accompanied by the Zug Command from the Perry metal range.

Perry Miniatures - Afrikakorps Perry Miniatures - Afrikakorps


Bolt Action Afrikakorps

I built my Afrikakorps already, but want to share my impressions of the plastic Afrikorps by the Perrys in this small review.

Perry Miniatures - Afrikakorps


Spanish Crusaders

Small progress on the Crusaders, put the remaining miniatures on bases. I got custom cut round 50x25mm cavalry bases. Those will fit into "carrier" bases for other systems like Kings of War or Impetus, and will fit Saga as well as Lion Rampant.

Perry Miniatures - Spanish Crusaders