Enjoying parental leave

I'm currently taking a parental leave of around 2 months (if you count in the two weeks "pre-arrival" vacation, it's even longer) and that gives me a lot of time to spend with my new-born daughter. It is quite overwhelming, satisfying and exhausting, everything at the same time. She sleeps a lot and I spend that time to support my wife (who is doing an amazing job on being a mother), cooking and trying out some new recipes, as well as of course enjoying a bit more time than usual in my "hobby den".

Our baby carrier arrived this weekend and but we waited to put into use until today, with the help of our midwife, to make sure we do nothing wrong. And what can I say, having to free arms / hands is a game changer. I tell you, eating gets a lot more difficult if you only have one free hand and it's even more difficult if it is your off-hand. The little one loves the proximity and some of the basic stuff I can do with here in front of me. But I'm covering all the parental things on Little Big Adventures (in German).

Player3 in Baby Carrier

So what am I currently tinkering about? Well, last Sunday Daniel / Dino (freshly baked dad himself) dropped by, we talked about his upcoming Konflikt '47 Italy army and what possibilities for conversions are in the room. I can tell you, quite a lot. But he'll cover that in separate articles. I took a break or better said interruption from the dominantly historic ww2 reviews, from those Tigers, Hetzers and Marders. I do like those kits and they are fun to build, but a bit more variation is a healthy thing to do, I added a bit of fantasy and sci-fi in there, along with different historical epochs.


Christmas Dinner Beef Wellington

How do introduce this article? Some of the regulars may be aware of the food and cooking content on here, (like last christmas' Pulled Turkey, or home made fried chicken) and I stumbled across a recipe from Spiegel Online (yeah, a bit weird, but hey you're on a Wargaming Blog reading about food, so don't judge me) on Veggie Christmas Dinner. I liked the idea of the puff pastry dish and talked with my mom about a potential christmas dinner (and she suggested Pork Wellington). So with Wellington although being the capital of New Zealand, and reminding me of my trip in the late summer, I was ready to go.

Beef Wellington


Spiel 2015 – Part I

I am back from a long day at the Internationale Spieletagen SPIEL '15 in Essen. Oh Boy, what a day! The journey began with a solid traffic jam (there were problems with the local traffic in Essen, so many people who normaly would have taken the train, came to the show by car ...) and the first time a rainy day at show. Never happened to me once in the last decade. But never the less, i spend a great day at the show, and i want to share my impressions with you.

Internationale Spieltage SPIEL'15

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Spiel 2015 – Part II

Next up, another regular at many shows, is the Fantasy Warehouse from Iserlohn.

Internationale Spieltage SPIEL'15 - Fantasy Warehouse

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Spiel 2015 – Part III

Third and final part of my Impressions, start with Warlord Games.

Internationale Spieltage SPIEL'15 - Warlord Games Internationale Spieltage SPIEL'15 - Warlord Games Internationale Spieltage SPIEL'15 - Warlord Games

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Spiel 2015 Preview

On thursday, october 8th, the Internationale Spieltage or short Spiel in Essen start again. The largest show for boardgames goes on for 4 days and there is going to be a lot to see.

Spiel 2015

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Eldar, MDF and delicious food

A brief sign of life after this exhausting weekend. I build the new Eldar wraithguard earlier this week. The kit is quite nice with a lot of options, but the price is pretty ridiculous ... never the less, thanks a lot to Christian and Alexander from MiniWargames Wuppertal for the Box.

I-Munda - Eldar Warband


Gaming Capitals

Last weekend i was in Nuremberg, City of one toy show, and this week i'll head to Essen, City of the other toy show.

But lets start with Nuremberg, interesting city, great food, delicious beer and a really nice old town.