Of Anglosaxons and Pirates

As promised, the next update! I will show you some pictures of an upcoming article about SAGA. In this case my own warband of Anglo Saxons. Consisting of Musketeer Miniatures (pewter) and Gripping Beasts (plastics).

Anglo Saxons for SAGA


Tanks, tanks, tanks

First update from the "mission: productivity". All of the resin kits from Bolt Action and Waffenkammer received a soap bath.



Rowdd 2013, Pegasus Bridge and SAGA

Last Weekend I was in Thuringia, at Radaddels Wide Open Door Day. It was a fun weekend, again tabletop loaded. But this time not only as a customer / visitor. I held a seminar on the status quo of wargaming in Germany, and helped out Mantic and Warlord Games doing an Q&A. And i did some shopping, i stocked up on Freebooters Fate.

Freebooters Fate


Final spurt of may

Another weekend started and i want to share the new arrivals at the chaosbunker.

Dystopian Legoins - Battlefield Objectives Dystopian Legoins - Battlefield Objectives



A prolonged Whitsun Weekend means some time for the hobby. I put some additional paint onto the Khador, more progress on the basic colours. Slowly, but steady.

Warmachine - Khador Warmachine - Khador



After a cheer endless wait and a major mess up by the post (somehow losing 2 packages on their way to me ...), friday was finally post day and some good stuff arrived.



Mission 2013

As promissed a small view into what was going on in the last few days.

First off all, the freebooters fate goblins are completely build. No easy thing to do, as some parts just needed to be pinned. The casting quality is amazing, without any doubts, but many of the parts that needed to be glued are incredibly tiny and frustrating to assemble.

Freebooters Fate Goblins


Koblenz is calling

After a whole week in the no-hobby-zone of Basel (Nothing going on, and i mean nothing) I was really looking forward to the Painting and Gaming day at my FLGS CTU in Koblenz.

We have a strong warmachine gaming scene in Koblenz and so it was no wonder, that the German National Championship was one by one of us (congrats Robin!). But it wasn't all about gaming, there was painting as well, as the next Field of Glory Army from the albanian national Coach in the third picture shows.

CTU Koblenz CTU Koblenz CTU Koblenz


Crisis 2012 – Part IV

After a successful show at Spiel, the next harbour for Freebooter was Antwerp.

Crisis 2012 - Tinsoldiers of Antwerp Crisis 2012 - Tinsoldiers of Antwerp

And this away mission was succesful as well. The booth was heavily crowded from the first 15 minutes until the very last hours of the show. I was lucky enough to even get a line of sight for a picture of Werner.


Yield from Spiel

Since Thursday its once again Spiel, the big toy fair in Essen, and i went to the show - of course on the first day!
Such an event can't be visited without the regular haul on the traders and manufactors, and as some readers already started asking about those, i don't want to keep you waiting. Here it is.