SzenarioCon 2024

My first visit to SzenarioCon in Hackenheim was just a year ago and yet the event has managed to become one of my favorites in a very short time. The reason for this is obvious, the range of gaming tables is very extensive and the gaming clubs really go out of their way to offer something special. Together with Jens, the head honcho of Chefoberboss, I visited Szenario again this year and would like to share my experience a few of the tables that were on display at the con. For a general look and a few more nice impressions, you can also take a look at Jens' YouTube video or directly go to the Szenario Facebook page.

We were there quite early and so I managed to take a snapshot in good time, when the hall wasn't filled to the brim. The number of registered guests and latecomers was between 250 and 300 people.

SzenarioCon 2024 Hackenheim

You can already see here that the many panels only allow a little more space for further exhibits. However, as the con has grown very steadily and, above all, successfully, an additional hall will be opened for exhibits next year.

25Oct/200 and throwback to Spiel 2010

Like many other shows, the large toy and game fair SPIEL in Essen went digital this year to accomodate the needs of the current situation. A good reason to take a look on how they handled the transition from physical show into a digital one and a great invitation for a throwback!

In October 10 years ago, the I was quite busy, we just came back from our Nottingham tour (read about our throwback here), we went to one of the last DUZI shows and the Games Day Germany was just last week (throwback on that one is in preparation). So towards the end of the year and tour season for us, we went to the largest toy fair in Europe, SPIEL in Essen.

Back in the day, due to their size and to safe on marketing costs, Warlord Games and Mantic shared a booth (and Alessio joined in with Riverhorse as well to present Shuuro and support Kings of War), and the old set up of hall 6 at the show took not only a bit of preparation to avoid missing out on some wargaming or tabletop booths. It was great fun to drop by, as we met most of the lovely people just a few weeks ago on their home turf.

Throwback - Spiel 2010 Essen Throwback - Spiel 2010 Essen


Painting tricks for optical effects

In the last article I talked about how my painterly aspirations first developed in such a way that I wanted to reach a pro level. However, this was rather the beginning of my journey as a hobbyist and my preference has shifted a lot in the meantime.

One thought was pivotal at that point: How do I perceive the models when I first see them? In my youth I was strongly influenced by the painting style you could see on the packaging, in rule books, or at that time in the White Dwarfs - most hobbyists call this `Eavy Metal style, after the studio team that painted the models for Games Workshop. I realized that I wasn't really striving for the hyper-realistic style often seen at painting competitions, but rather the `Eavy style, because the models had met my eye in this way and my mind automatically judged whether I liked or didn't like them.

Painting tricks for optical effects

This cartoon-like style is basically quite easy to achieve as long as you learn some brush control. The basic principle remains the same, even with high class paintwork: A midtone, or "the basic color" is chosen. This is shaded and then highlighted with distinctive accents in the more edgy areas.


Filling up the wargame library with Freebooter

Around the Spiel toy fair Freebooter Miniatures released the second edition of their pirate skirmish, Freebooters Fate. If you have visited Freebooter at shows in the past, you know it is always worth a visit. The crew is dressed like sailors and pirates, they have treats (chocolate gold coins, gummy bears and such) and often enough special show offers.

Freebooter Miniatures - Spiel 2018 Freebooter Miniatures - Spiel 2018 Freebooter Miniatures - Spiel 2018

As this was a huge release, with the updated core game, they brought along new gaming tables, featuring a lot of the now combined rules. The new edition rulebook features a lot of rules, that were spread across multiple books in the past.

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Freebooters Fate – El Grandulon

Freebooters Fate is big - and it is getting bigger. With El Grandulon the game reaches a new size and presents the first ogre miniature for the Pirate Skirmish.

Freebooters Fate - El Grandulon


Spiel 2015 – Part I

I am back from a long day at the Internationale Spieletagen SPIEL '15 in Essen. Oh Boy, what a day! The journey began with a solid traffic jam (there were problems with the local traffic in Essen, so many people who normaly would have taken the train, came to the show by car ...) and the first time a rainy day at show. Never happened to me once in the last decade. But never the less, i spend a great day at the show, and i want to share my impressions with you.

Internationale Spieltage SPIEL'15

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Merry Christmas

Back for a last update before christmas.

I continued on building tanks, after converting the Shermans. So i got my hands on a Panther Ausf. A from Rubicon Models and a SdKfz 234 Puma from Warlord Games. I filled the large turret hole in the chassis with a renedra base and some putty. So what is the final product? It's a Aufklärungspanther, a fictional build that is known among others from World of Tanks. I have to be honest, the Ausf. A wasn't the best base for the conversion, if you want to do it, i'd suggest the Ausf. G.



Long Weekend Ahead

Was there really no update since the 1st May? It's about time for a new post then. A few packages arrived and i'd like to share with you, what i got and what interesting things are available.

Let's start with some hobby products, colours. I got myself some primers from Vallejo for the Bolt Action stuff. The us vehicles may get excited about the olive drab. And all of the tanks will be happy about AK Interactive, along with the black paint set, not just for the tank crews, very usefull for Infinity Templars etc. as well. There will be more coverage on those upcoming.

Vallejo AKInteractive


Roundhouse paint

On Tuesday there was a live-ticker on Brueckenkopf, for which i gathered a couple of running projects to continue. A short overview, what we are talking about. A uber-large Woman sculpted by Werner Klocke for Reaper, a paint in progress Hetzer, the White Dead from Warlord Games and two survivors from Hasslefree.



Back from the 5th BitBox

I am back from the 5th BitBox, the first in 2014. Boy, what a blast! And what bargains i could gather.

BitBox 2014 Loot

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