Moving and cooking

A short update for the summer time. You've seen the coverage on reviews and some recent travels like Salute or the Burg Stahleck.

I've been busy preparing my move in a few weeks. I am trading in this view from my desk in the Chaosbunker.

Ausblick Bruederhaus

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Homemade KFC Fried Chicken

Gaming night, with Blood Bowl introduction and Bitbox preparation. So yet another cooking article on the chaosbunker, this time - KFC = Koblenz Fried Chicken.

Starting with a 1,5 pound of chicken breast. And as you should support your local businesses, i get my meat at a local butchery.

Homemade KFC Fried Chicken Homemade KFC Fried Chicken

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Pulled Turkey for Christmas Eve

This is a bit offtopic, but most of our fellow wargamers enjoy a proper meal - and so do i. Maybe you saw my thanksgiving burgers, and i liked the meat, so i cooked it again for christmas this time.

As this was a meal for the whole family (and calculating the leftover for the following days), i started with 2 Kg or roughly 4,5 lbs of turkey breast. Got it at my local butcher, thanks to butcher's Dietz for the easy and reliable service!

Picked it up on monday, the 21st of december.

Pulled Turkey

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